Anti-Gay Christians in Uganda

Anti-Gay-Ism: The Story of Anti-Gay Christians in Uganda

Uganda has had one of the most controversial anti-gay campaigns in Africa. Severe acts of homophobia have been witnessed in the country. In 2011, David Kato, a gay rights activist was murdered in cold blood in his home. This was curiously after a Ugandan tabloid, Rolling Stone, published names and addresses of people believed to be gay. The tabloid was calling for their murder. Since then, homophobic attacks have never ceased in Uganda.
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Waragi Uganda Alcoholism

Pearl of Africa: Waragi Alcoholism in Uganda

Kaliro is a small rural township in Eastern Uganda, about 150 kilometers from Kampala, Uganda’s capital. On any given day, men and women of all ages can be seen entering a particular homestead. Others can be seen staggering out. You would be forgiven to think there is a special occasion going on in there. Enter the homestead and you will find many more people. Men seated together in their own groups and women in their own groups too. Some are already lying on the floor, motionless. It is not a party, these people are here to drink waragi, a home-made illicit brew. Read more