Cameroon - Anglophone vs. Francophone

Cameroon Anglophone Problem: Is Colonial Ethnicity To Blame?

A deep running crisis is happening in Cameroon. Since 2016, the central African country has witnessed rising unrest and protests in the Anglophone majority regions. Following the unrest, dire consequences on the economy have been felt. Property worth millions of dollars has already been destroyed. Additionally, more than twenty people have lost their lives in the protests.
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Boko Haram

Boko Haram: The Face of Religious Extremism

The Boko Haram insurgency came to global attention in 2014 when over 200 school girls were reported to be kidnapped by the terrorists. The girls who were in school preparing for a test were attacked at midnight by armed militia who then forced them on to trucks and ferried them away into their forest hideouts. A great public outcry followed with many pointing fingers at the government’s incompetence in providing security.
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Lake Chad Crisis

The Lake Chad Crisis: Urgent, Complex, and Almost Completely Ignored

#In the first world, we generally understand our privilege when compared to many other countries. We know that there’s more terrorism in the Middle East, less government stability in Venezuela, and the Maldives is disappearing due to climate change. What we never hear about, however, is the Lake Chad Crisis.
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