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A New Light On Princess Diana

You may or may not remember the massive wave of change that Princess Diana brought to the world, but surely her name rings a bell. Princess Diana, once the most famous woman in the world, took the world by storm with her modern style, daring approaches with media and scandals in her married life. Recent footage released by Peter Settelen has revealed intimate and private details about Diana and Prince Charles’s personal life, which allows us to take a walk in her shoes.

Not Your Average Princess

What made Princess Diana – Princess Diana, was her ability to break the mold of the typical Royal lifestyle. Once a shy and insecure young adult, Diana quickly evolved into a very independent and headstrong woman with a purpose. She spoke out about risqué topics such as her eating disorder, her marriage issues and other quarrels she had within the establishment which caused quite a bit of commotion and, ultimately, ended her ties with the Royal Family.

From a young age, Diana was exposed to loneliness, betrayal and lacked love and affection. Her parents not only divorced, but her mother ran off with another man. To top it off, Diana was told her mother was on holiday leaving her with hopes of seeing her mother soon. The divorce drove her father into depression and destroyed the family as it was. She turned to dancing as a release and became immersed in ballet and tap dance.

Who Princess Diana Really Was

In life and death those who knew Diana speak very fondly about her sense of humor, charisma, and passion. At times she could be childish, joyful, and flirtatious, which is very out of character for a Princess of the Royal Family. Family and friends remember Diana as a light that could brighten any room and put a smile on anyone’s face. She had a natural ability to connect with those who also suffered in their lives, which made her very relatable for the public. 

Very different from how the rest of the world had been dealing with these situations, Diana was right in on the action and always there for the people over anything else.

Diana admitted that her bulimia had begun shortly after becoming engaged to Prince Charles (The Royal Family blamed the bulimia on the failed marriage). She alleged him to have made remarks regarding her weight and appearance, which made Diana feel inferior and turn to the disorder as a release. She openly spoke about her intimate (or lack thereof) relationship with Prince Charles and how there was little to no chemistry. It was not long before the media would pick up on their social cues and behaviours whilst in public with each other, not to mention Charles’ and Camillas’ rendezvous.

At one point, the press had even illegally tapped into Charles’ and Camilla’s phone calls as well as Diana’s and her lover’s James Hewitt’s and published these for the world to hear. The constant threat of Camilla is something that would remain an issue for the duration of their marriage.

Mommy Diana

Children of the Royal family were typically cared for and brought up by the help of nannies and caregivers. However, Diana wanted none of this for her kids. Diana again broke the wheel and took a hands-on approach to the upbringing of Prince William and Prince Harry. It was her mission to ensure the boys had the most normal life they could have and that it be filled with love and fun. She would take them out to get burgers or go to the movies just like any other family would. She even brought Prince William on a Royal tour when he was a toddler, which, again, is not typical for the Royal Family.

Her boys were her number one priority, and when things got rocky with the marriage, Diana was greatly worried that the establishment would attempt to claim the boys in their custody. Luckily they were able to sort everything out, and Diana was able to continue raising her children the way she wanted. Diana’s main concern was the boys’ safety and privacy, stemming from the intrusion of the press in their family and personal life and how it was impacting Diana and her sons.

Princess Diana: A Real Person

Seeing and hearing such a celebrity speak about issues that any regular person could go through, offers a level of reassurance to the public. It brings truth to areas which may have never been answered and brings hope to those who may have gone through or are going through very similar situations themselves. Many argue that Peter Settelen has exploited Princess Diana by releasing these films, others say they exhibit who Diana really was and what she truly felt. Who do you agree with?

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