Nazi Gold Trains (Maybe) Found by Treasure Hunters

The so-called Nazi gold train or Nazi treasure train is one of the hottest and the most famous local legend of the last few months. It says that in a Walbrzych, Poland, there are three Nazi German-era trains buried underground in Lower Silesia in January 1945 toward the end of World War II.

How it all started

Walbrzych, now the city in southwest Poland, back then was a part of a Germany.

According to local legend, the trains left the German city of Breslau (now Polish Wroclaw) filled with gold and other treasures. The Nazis used a system of tunnels under the Owl Mountains, which was part of the unfinished Project Riese (meaning Project Giant). Unfortunately, they were buried in the maze of tunnels and mines created by the Third Reich. There are rumors that the trains hold enormous treasures: Gold, jewels, paintings and other valuable items. Some people claim there are over 300 tons of riches on board!

Since the end of the second world war, the Polish army has been searching for them but haven’t found a single train or anything worth a single penny. Everyone forgot about it, but here comes a big twist to this entire story.

What happened in August 2015

Seventy years after the war has ended, two unidentified Polish men claim they have obtained knowledge about one of the gold train’s location. They were allegedly identified later by Peter Koper of Poland and Andreas Richter of Germany. Due to their statement, they know exactly where the train is and they will reveal this information in exchange of a 10% finders fee. They said that once the documents are signed, everyone will know the exact train’s location. The deal doesn’t came to an end because the information has been leaked by someone from the Polish government.

The train is there! Or maybe not?

On August 28, Polish Deputy Culture Minister Piotr Żuchowski announced that his people used ground-penetrating radar and there’s a 99% probability confirmation that the train (100 meters in length) has been found. When everyone was waiting for the moment of when the train will be found, one of the people involved in the searching process, Tomasz Smolarz, Governor of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, held a press conference about it: “There is no more proof for this alleged discovery than for other claims made over the years,” saying, “It’s impossible to claim that such a find actually exists at the location indicated based on the documents that have been submitted.”

Koper and Richter broke the silence and went public after their previous anonymity on September 4. They said they have given an exact, precise location of the train in the hands of the Polish authorities. To prove their point, they’ve also released a picture taken by a KS-700 Ground Penetrating Radar that showed a 50-meter deep man-made shaft with something inside it (they suppose that’s a train).

The government is taking all the claims about a treasure train seriously enough to send soldiers section off part of the woodlands near the place where the train is said to be. They are doing it to prevent treasure hunters from all around the world who went there to try and find the gold on their own.

On September 11, the Polish treasure seeker announced during a press conference that he has found a giant shelter which could contain a thousand people. This shelter was a part of Project Riese. He says that it’s huge progress towards finding one of the nazi gold trains. Maybe that’s a trail that will lead them straight to the treasure?

The story of the nazi gold trains is something really interesting and worth following. Does it really exist or is it just a myth? Right now there is no one who can answer that question, yet.

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