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Modern Dark Ages

We are at a modern dark age.

We are battling against an evasive virus that has been crippling societies all over the world. And there is only one thing this tells us. No society, regardless of status, has prepared for a potential biological war
against new pathogens more than they have prepared for possible territorial disputes. All of us could probably be ready to win a war but no government has made concrete plans to survive a pandemic even
during a new disease’s immunity development period.

Though we should all be focusing on how we can salvage careers and our economy, most of us find it better to spend time in social media to try and prove the correctness of their perspectives. This is more than the time and willingness to actually help come up with recommendations on how, in their own way, they could help improve their situation.

Not everyone has equal access to necessities and some are not even qualified for it. Not only are people willing to listen to bicker more than to understand, but they are even ungrateful for the help they receive.
During these really uncertain times, survival instinct should have taken over. Nonetheless, our attention is divided and refocused on more trivial matters compared to beating this pandemic.

Also, this issue of inequality and unpreparedness is not just confined within one country but is happening all over the world. And this situation showed us which leaders are more competent than others and how much political parties would try not to join them but to beat them.

Moreover, some self-proclaimed influencers try to persuade other people’s opinions by posting opposing views against the leaders who seem to do their jobs. These working politicians or leaders are those implementing programs that add to the convenience of citizens immobilized by COVID-19-related quarantines. What could be the motivation for this? Political agenda? Probably.

Though nobody can speak for someone else, what we are seeing in the discourses in social media is that most people justify certain actions based on laws that are amenable to them or support their propositions.

They are selective in the terms they point out. And ordinary citizens jump to the bandwagon and keep throwing stones against each other. This is harmful in a way that false information and misinterpretations are being spread across the platforms which also causes doubt among reputable sources. But most of these attacks are personal and not even factual. Regardless, fanatics are still swayed and they seem to support actions that are discriminatory.

Not only that engaging and popularizing unimportant topics take up time from the discussion of actual matters and defocuses people from what is needed to be watched, it also adds to the negativity quarantine poses to individuals.

At these times, it is better to learn to identify which conversations are worthy to engage in and are beneficial to share. Though we cannot impose what is right as the truth is always relative, it is possible to identify which arguments are good to majority of individuals. We cannot make people believe what we believe in, but hating one idea and sharing that on social media creates separate groups and widens gaps among these groups. Separation is NOT what we need. We need to come up with a united front.

If one disagrees with a particular ideology, it is better to skip it and not pay attention to that and promote further opposing views. That is because we are not supposed to be categorized according to political beliefs, preferences, and social class for these are just constructs and not solidified status quo that defines the level of importance of a particular people.

We need equity more than equality. We need a thinking mind more than a blind following because in the end, we are at war not among ourselves but with a virus that permeates our economy and with it, our morals, and destroys the best of every country.

We cannot win a war when we’re divided and we cannot choose who is worthy to save and not to. It all comes down to realizing that we must be on one side of survival because we’re supposed to be just Team Human after all.

About Patricia Abrihan

Patricia has always been inspired by the witty yet innocent voice of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird that she believes that writing is able to revolutionize ideas of society. She is a former college instructor from the Philippines and is currently a freelance writer and blogger managing her portfolio. She is open to collaboration and also loves reading and watching movies.

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