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The Fault in Mocha Uson’s Logic: Attacks in the Wrong Places

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte currently caught the ire of most citizens again when he kissed a woman on the lips on live television. This coincides with his previous issues on rape remarks that by now should have been enough to make him remember that anything related to him and women is pretty sensitive. Then came Kris Aquino and Mocha Uson.

Given that the Philippines is currently divided into three, the alleged “opposition”, the “Ka-DDS” as what Duterte supporters call themselves, and the “indifferent or non-partisan,” clashing opinions burned in the pan and fire could have died easily if not for another post by Mocha Uson, the Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO). Another personality who purportedly had her share of journalistic fails.

What Mocha Uson Did

Negative comments against President Rodrigo Duterte quickly became rampant on social media and Mocha Uson came to his rescue. In response to the critics, Uson posted a video of the late Benigno Aquino Sr. being kissed by two females a few minutes just before he was assassinated. The post attempted to make people see that Aquino’s last moments were as “obscene” as how individuals claim Duterte’s kissing act to be.

Aquino is one of the prominent figures in the country as he is known to be a great nationalist and is believed to have been assassinated due to his patriotic beliefs. Uson’s post caught the attention of one of Aquino’s daughters, another well-known celebrity, Kris Aquino, who took the post to the negative. Kris Aquino then challenged Mocha Uson to direct her arguments at her instead of the deceased.

The people expects Uson to apologize mainly for two reasons: first, it was disrespectful to the dead as second, Aquino Sr. is in no way involved in Duterte’s current issue. So, why make such comparisons?

We Are Not Taking Sides

Pointing this out is not taking sides, but really, by focusing on Mocha Uson’s arguments, we can see her approach to certain affairs.

It seems that Uson does not try and correct what is deemed inappropriate, instead, she further justifies such by pointing out at other people’s actions.

What even makes the Aquino comparison irrelevant is the fact that the video happened at least twenty years back and is not even contextually related to today’s subject. The video shows that Aquino was approached by two women and was kissed involuntarily. Meanwhile, Duterte’s video shows otherwise. However, we cannot really label any of these right or wrong as what is acceptable is relative. Moreover, nobody has a concrete description of what happened to the Aquino scene back then. Given that it could have been wrong, would comparing it to Duterte make Duterte’s act less unfitting? Straight thinkers will say “no.” Nonetheless, if we do want the Philippines to progress, what we need are influencers that can actually make sound comparisons and assessments.

This is What is Wrong

Here is the fault in Uson’s logic, by posting the Aquino video, we can tell that Uson does find Duterte’s behavior incorrect but she is just defiant. How? Because by posting Aquino’s video, she showed us that she associate’s another woman-kissing-a-man to “obscenity” and if Filipinos then accepted it, they should let the Duterte issue pass as well.

Is maligning uninvolved individuals an accepted way to correct inappropriate behavior? Or is it a manner that tolerates the “everybody is doing it” concept?

Considering that the Aquinos were mum to the issue until her post, some Filipinos are convinced that Mocha Uson ought to apologize. But Uson stated that she will not, “for the truth”. The question here is, what truth?

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