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Mile Zero: The Age of Enlightenment


People of Earth! The year is 2017 and we can now rejoice in the sweet, sweet blissfulness that is the non-existence of the year 2016, a year of upward blasts, downward corkscrews, and sharp, snaking turns to the left and right alike. Welcome to the age of enlightenment.

Though we are already a couple months beyond the noteworthy calendar year, it’s still early enough to process and recall the pivotal moments and the subconscious bullet points that we have jotted down in our heads that have shaped our thoughts, our emotions, our connections, and our experiences throughout the past 16 months (given the fact that its already April) and form a true perspective. For as long as life itself, it seems the hive mind mentality has been the general consensus of humanity. What the hive says goes. Despite this trend, some have always possessed the ability to see beyond rhetoric and come to their own conclusions in an extremely beneficial way for themselves, and for society.

We entertain and plunge into all of the changes that have taken place in our realities in every conceivable zone of the spectrum that is life. We journey to the places in our minds that conceal the positive and negative details of our civilization, culture, lifestyle, personal choices, and of course, the reality of our political and economic systems, daft as they may be. All of us come to our own conclusions about the status of our society as a collective, for we all have a boundless amount of experience and interpretation between us. Amongst the separate realities of earthlings and extra-dimensional beings alike, the general consensus is that this year SUCKED. PERIOD.

As a fan and proprietor of unpopular opinions, I will now explain why 2016 was the greatest year to be a living breathing human being on this spinning ball of water; or flat plane, if you’re not into the whole science thing ;), EVER.

Living Conditions

This one ESPECIALLY goes out to all my first worlders out there. I want you to look back at the past couple years on Earth and ask yourself: “When is the last time I went to the bathroom and DIDN’T use indoor plumbing?” Though it is so common today, it is a relatively new invention on this planet. Too grim of a comparison? How about you ask yourself “How many people do I know that have gotten eaten by bears? How many people do I know that have lost their child to scarlet fever or the rickets?” The answer for most of you is probably “None, this isn’t the 1820s anymore” because most of the world has been redesigned into a metropolitan “safe space” for human beings! With medical science at an all-time high, humans are living longer now than ever before.

Consumerism and retail have had their fair share of influence as well (Grocery stores, anybody?) It is now 2017, the age of enlightenment, and much of the world has migrated into cities, towns, suburbs, and development housing neighborhoods, and with the help of human innovation, most of us live within a few miles of a hospital, and a solid portion of us get there via paved roads in cars that are very comfortable when compared to the days before internal combustion and double wishbone suspension. We are more impervious to the elements now than ever before.


With all of that being said, the message of this article is, if we process each day efficiently enough, we can dive into the depths of the biological hard drives that dwell above our necks, and fish out the opinions and virtues that we have created by our actions, and reactions alike. We can then use this data to come to conclusions that further the growth of ourselves, strive for lives we WANT to live and break free of the standard 40 hour work week way of living (or at least make that paradigm more rewarding and enjoyable). With the explosion of technology and intense level of connection achieved by the internet, more and more people have begun finding themselves and learning the things that they want to learn.

Developing skills via YouTube videos, learning the ways of the entrepreneurial world via eBay or Etsy, simply reaching a community of like-minded people via forums, the list goes on! With these mediums becoming so prevalent and accessible, we as a species have diversified the world of making connections in a monumental way. Technology enables the age of enlightenment, use it for the best.

Age of Enlightenment: What Does it Mean?

Given the massive vortex of innovation that has shaped the first world, being a human being has become an extremely comfortable ride, especially once you’ve considered the struggles of people who’ve long since passed. Without all of the day to day challenges that the people of yesterday had to face day in and day out, we have slowly fazed ourselves into the age of imagination and free thought. After all, it’s much easier to capitalize on that killer idea for a book when you no longer have to worry about freezing to death and can contact a publisher with the click of a button on a computer.

Imagination isn’t the only thing that’s grown though! Media outlets in every facet are helping humans shape their own perspectives with the influence of people or facts they may have never come across in the age of newspapers and telegraphs. For example, if someone brings up a random fact in a conversation, you can now gain access to the internet; type in whatever fact was mentioned and verifies its accuracy with the whirlwind of sources that the internet holds

THIS is the Age of Enlightenment

This age of enlightenment, this new type of thinking and this new way to access information has created a possibility for accuracy that was unheard of just a few decades ago. With this possibility now becoming the norm, the bar for being a decent and informed person has never been higher. Though all the cutesy stuff is heartwarming and hopeful, I think it’s safe to say that most people in developed societies have become exponentially aware of how corruptly their governments have been operating, leading them to cultivate a bitter taste for the establishment. Between the leaks, the statistics, questionable presidential candidates, the general consensus for humanity is that we’re fed up.

With the age of imagination and information on the rise, the people’s voice has never been louder, and the people’s potential to outsmart their leaders has become the driving force for social reform. So before you get down on society and say that the end is near, try and take this new way of living into account because life has a human being has never had the potential to be so great. YOU can get out there today and dedicate your life to the good of all people and craft a future that is worth working towards. The bad guys don’t have to win this fight, and if we all get out and do our part, the bad guys WON’T win this fight.

With the prolific possibility of accessing all information as a regular Joe or Jane and pressures on the elite mounding heavily, it just goes to show that there’s really no time like the present age of enlightenment.

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