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Mike Cernovich: Trolling your Way to Major Political Influence

There are very few e-celebrities as controversial as Mike Cernovich… or at least that’s what he’d have you believe. The former lawyer started his online career with “Crime and Federalism”, a blog about law, politics and current affairs. After that, he moved on to create a rather prolific, but quite popular manosphere blog, called “Danger and Play”. And this is where it all started.

Alpha Males, Rape, and Psychological Projection

“The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything”

Friedrich Nietzsche

The blog was basically a men’s magazine. Think of it like “Esquire” on steroids… literally. Topics are ranging from meeting women, fitness, TRT, male dominance, body language, and mindset (more on that later).

You’d imagine that this kind of blog attracts a certain audience. Do you think what I am thinking? Insecure men, who project their own pathology into the world.

Wanting to improve yourself should be nothing but a noble endeavor. But things get sinister when you consume information without critical thinking and, unfortunately, “Danger And Play” didn’t allow much of it.

“Do a Google image search for ‘lions mating’. That’s basically rape and it’s also the natural form of sex.”

“Have you guys ever tried ‘raping’ a girl without using force? Try it. It’s basically impossible. Date rape does not exist.”

These are bad right? These are some of the more extreme tweets from Mike Cernovich. Before calling them “out of context”, I will be the first one to admit that these are part of a general discussion and should not be taken at face value. (Hint: remember the title…). But the problem here is that Mike Cernovich used provocation to attract his audience and he hasn’t stopped since.

“Choo choo! Hop on the Trump train!”

Trump happened and, as a result, 2016 saw Mike Cernovich taking a turn from “alpha male/lifestyle blogger” to “right-wing pundit”.

While America was shocked, he sat back and enjoyed the checks. Like many others, he used the hype to drive massive amounts of traffic and growth to his twitter account to (now) 400k followers. His blog became a pro-Trump online newspaper, influencing the masses.

Mike was transformed into a journalist overnight. Breaking major stories like Pizzagate alongside prominent conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, he became the best of the best in the country.

“Cernovich will continue breaking stories while everyone else talks about the same basic b*tch stories.”

Mike Cernovich (no typo)

He used the same marketing tactics and advanced trolling techniques to help elect Trump (according to him, he played a major role in it). He kept posting his views and stats continuously to prove a point and played it cool when “fake news” media mentioned him.

As a product of “Gamergate”, Mike’s political commentary is focused on “feminazis” and “SJWs”. He constantly complains about the aggressive left and how they harass people, yet he uses the same methods! (Latest one is the case of Sam Seder).

Fear Mongering Made by Cernovich

Also, he uses cheap tricks to influence, like fear mongering and absolutes to drive the extremes further away.

Of course, he disavowed the alt-right, a million times, while hanging out with Richard Spencer. But he did disavow it.

Did I forget to tell you he disavowed the alt-right? He really did! He “created” new-right. Totally NOT alt-right.

I went from libertarian to alt-right after realizing tolerance only went one way and diversity is code for white genocide.
Mike Cernovich

In all seriousness, Mike Cernovich made a distinction between the alt-right and him… when he realized it wasn’t marketable.

Mike Cernovich is not a Journalist or a Right-Wing pundit. He is an Online Marketer.

And this is the most important point of this piece. I don’t care about his views, I am sure in reality we could debate and agree on many things. I even used to follow him because, in the beginning, he was raising valid points.

But it’s clear that Mike Cernovich uses his “branding methods” and “superior marketing skills” to drive traffic and promote his stuff. He doesn’t have a clear political affiliation because the market is volatile and for that, he needs to stay on the fence.

Saying outrageous stuff, using click bait and promoting narcissistic behavior is online marketing 101 and the “Gorilla Mindset” author knows all about it.

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