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Meghan Markle: Divorced, Mixed Race Actor and Princess?

It is no secret that the engagement of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry is one that will go down in the history of the royal family as something incredible. In the past, divorce has always been a controversial subject in the royal family. The monarchs have steered clear of getting divorced and of marrying divorcees. Racial diversity isn’t really a pillar of the royal family either, but that will soon change, and rightfully so.

King Edward VIII and the Abdication

In 1936, King Edward VIII had faced an impossible choice because he was in love with a woman named Wallis Simpson who was twice divorced. It was either marrying Wallis or abdicating his throne. King Edward did what no one saw coming, he left his seat as the rightful King to be with the woman he was in love with, just because the church did not approve. The Netflix show “The Crown” dramatizes this moment for the younger generation to see.

Prince Henry and Meghan Markle: The Announcement of the Engagement

When Prince Henry, who is also known as Prince Harry to his friends, announced his engagement with Meghan Markle who was the star of the famous US drama show Suits, the world was in awe of their love. Be wary, she is not only a divorcee but also a woman of color and an actor who is well loved and respected all over the world. To the conventional eye, it would seem impossible that the royal family would ever come to accept her into their home.

Why Divorce is an Issue for the Royal Family

The reason why the royals steer clear of the sensitive subject of divorce is simple: they want to maintain the idea of a fairytale in the eyes of everyone. It essentially translates into being with one person from start until the very end. The biggest example of this would be Queen Elizabeth and her 70-year old marriage to Prince Phillip.

In the 90s, when all four of Queen Elizabeth’s children either got divorced or separated from their spouses, it set a precedent for all future royals to come. While the engagement between Meghan Markle and Harry is a controversial matter due to Meghan being so different than what the royal family would have previously approved of, she isn’t the first divorcee to be marrying into the royal family. The first American divorcee to have married into the royal family was Wallis Simpson as she married King Edward VIII who abdicated his throne for her.

What We Know About Meghan Markle

While most soon-to-be royals keep a low profile before things get official, Meghan Markle has been anything but. Prior to starring in the hit show Suits, she ran a lifestyle blog called The Tig. She was born in Los Angeles, has been divorced once from a brief marriage and is biracial. While Markle’s father is white, her mother is African-American.

There may be many things about this engagement that reminds us of Kate Middleton and Wallis Simpson, but what cannot be denied is the fact that Markle will be the first ever biracial woman to have been crime-ridden accepted into the royal family of Great Britain.

Prince Harry quietly proposed to Meghan Markle in an intimate private affair and the royal family immediately tweeted in support of the union, which is quite rare. The last time someone tried to marry out of love, it almost cost the nation a crown.

Unkind Words and Tabloids

The tabloids have been anything but kind ever since the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dating got out. Daily Star Online was forward enough to have said:

“Prince Harry could marry into gangster royalty – his new love is from a crime-ridden Los Angeles Neighborhood.”

This is something that was not taken lightly by the Prince as he tweeted condemning such words by issuing a statement that clarified his deep dissatisfaction over not being able to protect Markle and is constantly worried in regards to her safety.

If everything goes as planned, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be married later this year and it will only show how far the royal family has come in 2018 in comparison to what it was like in 1936.

No person, regardless of his or her royal status, should have to abdicate love for the sake of a crown. The weight these two carry on their shoulders is immense, but it gives hope to all the future royals to come, that their love will not be condemned based on petty issues.

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