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Venezuela: Don’t blame Maduro, blame Hugo Chavez.

There has been more news out of Venezuela; the so-called workers paradise so beloved by Salon, Voxx, and Bernie Sanders, at least until it started to collapse because Chavez’ socialist policies never made any sense.

Now it’s not real socialism; it’s somehow the west’s fault having taken up the propaganda line even though it is quite clearly the fault of the Venezuelan government themselves.

The current situation in Venezuela

A couple of nights ago, a group of Venezuelan nationalists (self-proclaimed of course) got a hold of a police helicopter, flew it over the Supreme Court and dropped some grenades on it. According to some reports, a few of these went off while a few failed; perhaps they were thrown, but not unpinned. Nevertheless, this is a failed attack on the country’s Supreme Court. Protesters have been attacking government buildings over the last few days, not just the courts.

The opposition in Venezuela realizes the nation can’t heal at this point from what’s going on; the oil prices will not rise, the economy is screwed (as it will be for years), and the government has realized its own guerrillas on the population to try to intimidate them.

Their court system is at least one significant part of their suffering, as the legislature is largely on the side of people who want reform. This ranges from people who simply want a new election to people who want to cut off Maduro’s head and put it on a picket fence, yet Venezuela is not capable of recovering under its current regime.

Maduro is acting like a dictator and not like an elected official, but the excuse that is always spelled out by socialists is perhaps; “yeah we are Revolutionaries, but you can’t have THAT kind of revolution because we won’t have socialism or communism anymore”. This is despite the fact such a system has utterly failed economically, running the country into the ground, whilst alienating half of the world and cutting it’s own citizens down in the street with Maduro’s private security forces and state-backed militias.

Don’t blame Maduro, it all started with Chavez

Maduro however, is not primarily responsible for the problems in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez never took the money from the oil sales during the years when oil prices were making leaps and bounds, and never invested any of this money in any other sector of the economy. He nationalized the oil and distributed welfare to people, which helped with human development, which is fine, but the economy remained a monoculture. When Chavez died, and Maduro took over, things were just fine initially as it kept the same economic plan going, and oil prices back then were high; Venezuela was making bank because it produced so much petroleum!

Despite this, no attempt was made to increase the efficiency of oil production or to build some process to refine its oil at least for its internal use. No attempt was made to get foreign investment in the country in any serious capacity, and no attempt was made to increase infrastructure other than putting up half-empty commie blocks.

Furthermore, no attempts were made for the expansion of mechanized agriculture, of green energy, or the development of anything; it’s all oil. Ironically, the political left in westernized countries ramble on about the evils of fossil fuel, whilst at the same time praising Venezuela for which the majority of their economy consists of producing barrels of crude oil.

When Bernie Sanders praised Venezuela as a model for ending income inequality, he was praising a state that was subsidizing literally everything that it was doing for years at a time on fossil fuel. What if the United States did the same thing?

Would he be praising this economic model if it was being used in his own country?

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