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Justin Trudeau: Honorary Prime Minister of… Pakistan?

The Flashback

“Roads blocked with the barriers, policemen on all the entry points of the city, strict checking of the public and some of the city´s major roads closed for general public. A convoy of 20-25 vehicles, with many of them having the traditional red-blue lights, entered the city. It was the leading political figure of a developing country from South Asia, who was to address a corner meeting in one of the major cities of the country”.

Wait a moment.

“It was a day of December, 2015, when a 44-year old white man was welcoming the refugees from Syria, a Muslim majority country, at the airport by saying “Welcome Home”. He was handing over winter coats to the refugees”.


The Analogy

What´s the analogy between the two incidents from two different parts of the world? Think and re-think. Let´s figure it out. These incidents are a manifestation of the attitude of two political leaders. The key figures in both the above incidents are the current prime ministers of two countries.

The Difference

But what´s the difference? It´s huge. The difference lies in the attitude and the mentality. At one side, the protocol and security of the prime minister is causing problems to the general public and on the other side, the prime minister is personally welcoming the refugees of a different religion and creed. The latter one is Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada since November, 2015.

Why Justin Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau has won the hearts of not only the Canadians, but the whole world by his humble, gentle and philanthropic nature. He is something different from a traditional politician. And yes! He is versatile; with the professional background of a teacher, the educational background of an engineer and an environmental geographer, an experience of TV miniseries, advocating for various causes and avidly supporting multiculturalism. Within 7 years of his political career, he has achieved the position, which is a lifetime dream of a politician.

His impactful decisions have made him trendy throughout the world; The acceptance of 25,000 Syrian refugees, contribution of $100 million dollars to the United Nations High Commission of Refugees for resettlement of Syrian refugees in Canada, providing the refugees with a right to appeal their status (for designated countries), the change in tax laws, the reintroduction of federal health care program, creation of national public inquiry for missing/murdered indigenous women and the list goes on. Multiculturalism, women’s rights, ethnic and religious harmony are the minutes of his policy. As far as women rights are concerned, Trudeau is a strong feminist and half of his cabinet consists of women. He has the instincts of becoming the next top world leader as “A leader is a person who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”.

Pakistanis and Justin Trudeau?

Pakistanis have shown open heart for Justin Trudeau as they have found many reasons to love him.

Trudeau: The dauntless

No doubt, in a world where anti-Muslim sentiments are rising day by day, Justin Trudeau proved to be a breath of fresh air. He has welcomed the Syrian refugees, has wished the Muslims on their events and has also participated in funeral of those martyred in the Quebec mosque attack. 10 Liberal MPs also belong to the Muslim community.

The “Trump” Factor

Since, the inception of Donald Trump as the president of US, hate against the minorities and especially the Muslims is rising. Trudeau has proved to be an antidote for Trump especially when he welcomed the refugees rejected by US after the Trump’s immigration ban. So, no worries! North America is still balanced.

Biryani and Sherwani

The snaps of Trudeau in the Sherwani, the traditional south Asian outfit, and eating biryani truly amazed the Pakistanis. It also depicts his strong support for multiculturalism.

In Pop Culture

Who can forget the famous Pakistani truck art? It has proved to be an icon of the Pakistani culture. Justin Trudeau has also got the attention of Pakistani truck artists. They have honoured him by painting his picture on the trucks: a rare honour for a foreigner.

But what does Trudeau offers to Pakistan?

Leadership Dilemma: The problem of Pakistan

On the contrary, the situation in Pakistan is at 180 degrees opposite. The biggest issue is the lack of a true leader as since its birth, Pakistan have only seen a few leaders. The lack of democratic values, flaws in the the system e.g the vogue definitions in article 62 and 63, the inconsistent civil-military relationship and lack of a real foreign policy adds up to the issues. Our leaders need to learn from Justin Trudeau, who is proving to be a splendid leader for his country and the whole world because leadership is not about killing the innocent people in war or making their lives difficult but its all about courage, temperament and the intellect to settle the world issues.

Justin Trudeau’s Multicultural policy: Lessons for Pakistan

As sectarian and ethnic intolerance is severely affecting the Pakistani society, so, Trudeau’s multicultural policy offers a lot to Pakistan.