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Jittery About Hillary

Although Hillary Clinton is one of the strongest runners for the Democratic Party, most Liberals seem apathetic at best to her campaign so far. Few people from the party openly dislike her, but the overall response on the part of the Democratic party to Clinton’s campaign has been lackluster, at very best.

Fellow Democratic party member and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has so far taken most of the popular opinion for the party so far. Although there is little that is really wrong with her campaign or Clinton as a person, hopefully we can explore why most Liberals just don’t seem to care that much about another potential Clinton Administration.

Too Much Banking

The primary cause of distrust between Ms. Clinton and the Liberal voters appears to be her closeness with Wall Street investment banks. The Democratic party has historically sided with the common people, but Hillary Clinton seems as if she might be a defender of Wall Street and the interests of investment banks like Goldman-Sachs and Ameriprise Financial. Many voters do not trust how much she has defended the banks, and supported programs that rule heavily in favor of the banks on Wall Street. Sally Kohn, a Liberal activist said in an interview with CNN that “You wonder if it is a pivot or whether she is saying what the moment demands.” Anytime that voters believe that a presidential candidate is just saying something in order to have a better chance at election, that candidate’s campaign takes a massive blow. The everyday person like you or me don’t care about how well Goldman Sach’s stock is doing this quarter. Americans want a president that they are confident will look out for the interests of people first, and banks later. To be sure, huge banks do have a place in America and our economy would not function well without them. However, they do not need special treatment at the expense of the people of the US.

How Much DOES She Care About People?

In a bid for president, that question is always hard to answer. On the one hand we all want to believe that presidential candidates have our best interests in mind, and truly care about what’s best for us, but on the other hand that must be tempered with a dose of reality. Much of the grand tradition that is the presidency is about who can make the biggest promises. But in the heat of the moment, it is easy to make grand statements that you cannot actually back up with action. Clinton has made a lot of statements about income inequality and college affordability, stating that college education is the key to more people being able to get good jobs and thus allow everyone the opportunity to make the money they need. All of this sounds great on the surface, but the problem arises when she does not seem to have a specific plan of action to accomplish this goal. To be fair to her, she may have an idea that she isn’t sharing yet. However, people lose faith in someone that seems to have more actionable plans for saving corporations than for narrowing the income gap between people.

And Other Trust Problems…

One looming trust issue that many people cannot forgive Ms. Clinton is the email scandal that came out in March 2015. Clinton had apparently sent and deleted large amounts of classified data from a private server, making that information far easier to hack. A breach of protocol like that for a high-up government official does not make people feel confident in her presidential abilities. When compared with other Democratic hopefuls such as Bernie Sanders, many people will turn to Sanders because he seems more honest and competent than Clinton in comparison. It unfortunately does not take much doubt for people to lose faith in public figures.

In Summation…

In 2008, President Obama did not pander to black voters, and did not often mention that he was running to be the first black president. The fact that then-senator Obama focused on what he could offer to American and its people and not on the fact that he would be the first black president made his whole campaign feel like people were voting for someone that truly could bring change.

Cut to 2016, as Hillary Clinton reminds us constantly that she will be the first woman president if elected. While that would be a good thing, it is only good if she has a fresh point of the view to offer to the people, and as of now she is offering nothing that others before her haven’t already. The fact that something has not been done before (a woman becoming president) is not enough to cause people to vote for you in office. You have to offer something to the people. Sanders is the most radical candidate right now, and his denouncement of corporate greed comes off is real and genuine, compared with Clinton’s halfhearted protests of the evils of the super-rich as she takes huge campaign dollars from Wall Street banks.

While having the first woman president of the United States would be a step forward in history, who knows if Clinton will be the first? Unless a presidential candidate is offering something to the people that no one else can offer, they most likely won’t win. And right now, Hillary Clinton may not have the support, or the trust of the voter base that she seeks to appeal to.

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