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JFK Assassination: Who done it?

Since November 22, 1963, the world has been fascinated with creating theories about John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Theories about conspirators include the CIA, the Illuminati, the mafia, the KGB, Rafael Cruz, the man with the black umbrella, the Secret Service, Lyndon B. Johnson, aliens, Jackie Kennedy, the military industrial complex, and the shadow government. So out of all of these, which is the most probable? Many other journalists have tried to research this, generally relying on so-called experts at disproving these theories, and all seem to conclude that what the government has released is truth, or at least close enough.

Lee Harvey Oswald

What is known is that a man was taken into custody for the assassination: Lee Harvey Oswald. This man, a former marine, a “sharp-shooter”, and a supposed Russian sympathizer during the Cold War Era, was accused and arrested for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He was declared to have acted alone, firing three shots, striking John F. Kennedy twice, and Governor Connally once. Several investigations on the amount of shots and where they came from, as well as where they hit, have caused more confusion about the assassination. All investigations by the government have come to the conclusion that Oswald acted alone in killing the president.

Oswald was later killed while being walked to an armored car from the county jail by Jack Ruby, who claimed to be distraught over the president’s death. Several conspiracy theorists speculate that Ruby was part of a conspiracy, most think that he was likely hired to kill Oswald to cover up a larger conspiracy instead of allowing a trial to take place. Had a trial taken place, Oswald would have exposed the conspiracy – or so it is thought.

The Illuminati

The idea of the Illuminati being the conspirators behind the assassination is fairly widely accepted among conspiracy theorists. Because the Illuminati is believed to be involved in causing war to benefit the Military Industrial Complex, the actions taken by Kennedy during his first year of presidency, such as the Bay of Pigs Invasion, would have aligned with the orders of this secret society. However, his later actions, such as the aversion of World War III during the Cuban Missile Crisis was not beneficial to the Illuminati. Supposedly, the Illuminati took action by brainwashing Oswald to kill JFK.


The idea of the KGB’s involvement is also somewhat widely accepted among theorists because of the President’s desire to rid the world of these sort of secretive intelligence operatives in Soviet Russia, as well as the tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The other theories, such as the mafia’s involvement, are based on JFK’s passion for cracking down on organized crime. When it comes to the man with the black umbrella (a bystander during the parade and assassination), Lyndon B Johnson, the Secret Service, and the Military Industrial complex so many theories link them to a shadow government, aliens, or back to the Illuminati.

Ted Cruz’s Father

The theory about Rafael Cruz’s involvement only arose in May of 2016, in an article published by the National Enquirer. This article accused Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz’s father, of being involved in the Kennedy assassination. This article had a photograph that it claimed to be of Rafael Cruz with Lee Harvey Oswald. Later, on Fox News, potential presidential candidate, Donald Trump, spoke about how Rafael Cruz was likely involved and how the media was avoiding discussing this. Because Rafael Cruz had lied about his past before, and had Cuban roots, it is said that he and Oswald met many times, and ran in the same circles. Photographic evidence and eye-witness accounts put Rafael Cruz in Dallas at the time of the assassination. Ted Cruz said, in a joking manner, that he admitted his father killed JFK after Trump’s allegations. Though it seems plausible, many just dismiss this theory as another smear campaign during the outrageous race for the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.


Out of all of the possible conspiracies, the CIA involvement seems the most likely. Kennedy had expressed many concerns about the CIA overreaching and having too much power, especially because they had been plotting to kill Fidel Castro at the time – which has been revealed to be true. The evidence released by the government up until now still has all intelligence meeting information redacted – leaving theorists with more room to accuse the CIA, or quite possibly a shadow government in control of the CIA.

Were the CIA responsible it would be easy to cover up; intelligence work is done in the shadows and meant to look like it was something perpetrated by an individual or radical group. If the CIA wanted John F. Kennedy dead, it would look a lot like the assassination did. Now the problem is – if this is all true – then there are so many other parties that could have been involved. LBJ could have been involved with the CIA, the mob could be, and the shadow government… the issue is attempting to separate possible conspirators to determine fact and fiction. If we claim the CIA acted alone, we may be willingly ignoring the possible individuals involved – and intelligence work is all about placing individuals in the right place at the right time.

The idea of the CIA assassinating JFK seems far-fetched, and is easy to deny with or without evidence. There is a problem with this theory – if the CIA attacks our own leaders then we have an issue with these types of agencies having too much power, unchecked by the system we have created to control our government. This problem has been proven many times in the past, entities like the NSA having too much power or knowledge, and hiding this from the American people. So ask yourself, is it truly so far-fetched to believe that these government agencies simply exist to go around the system of checks and balances to accomplish things that the majority would not agree with? There are so many theories and so many believers, as well as evidence and lack thereof, that there is room to doubt what the government has told us.

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