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Is The Truth Still Out There?

On July 8th 1949, the FBI’s Dallas Field Office sent a teletype regarding the crash of a “flying disc” that resembled a common weather balloon, near Roswell New Mexico. That incident was the beginning of a fascinating tale of government conspiracies, flying saucers, hundreds of ATIA sightings and little green men.

Sixty-nine years after the Roswell incident no official source has confirmed — or denied — the existence of extraterrestrial life. So, the question is this: Are we alone or not?

The Government Files

History has shown that from the dawn of civilization, people had the urge to discover what was above their heads. Early civilizations have witnessed many astrophysical phenomena they may have interpreted as something divine or even paranormal, such as the passing of Halley’s Comet.

The first actual reports of strange “flying objects” started at the end of the 19th century. Of course back then those sightings were just hoaxes and completely “fake stories”, according to official sources.

But the Roswell event was the starting point for numerous investigations that lasted many years.

The United States was the first government to form investigation committees in order to research Unidentified Flying Objects. Those investigations were blessed by the the FBI, CIA and NSA. But most of those investigations were halted due to the results. The results of these investigations showed that no UFO had given any indication of threat to national security and there was no evidence indicating the sightings categorized as “unidentified” actually were extraterrestrial objects.

But the last decade many top secret files regarding UFO reports have emerged from closed cabinets and locked doors indicating that many governments have been looking very closely at the “strange lights” in the sky. The US government was not the only one conducting investigations. Russia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Canada have come forward and let the public know about UFO sightings. And thanks to the World Wide Web everyone has the chance to find documents about thousands of sightings since 1948.

The Disclosure Project

Back in 1993 the tv show “X Files” tried to show what happens when the US government tries to cover up the extraterrestrial existence, the alien technology and the hundreds of testimonials regarding UFO sightings.

1993 was also the year that “Disclosure Project” started its course to reveal the truth about UFOs. The founder of the project, Dr. Steven Greer, wanted to bring forward military and government witnesses to UFO events and projects. According to him the organisation has thousands of government documents, hundreds of photographs, trace landing cases and many more evidence that show the truth about alien life. With a quick look at his webpage ( we found numerous government files about UFO sightings and testimonials from around the world, many of them unknown to the public.

The “Disclosure Project” wants people to know about extraterrestrial presence on and around Earth through open meetings. To inform the public about the advanced energy and propulsion systems that will provide solutions for global energy. They want to explore space and cooperate with all cultures on Earth and in Space. They are the true believers and they are not afraid to show it.

“Take me to your leader”

Let’s assume that everything about the existence of alien life is true. Have we ever tried to make contact? The answer is yes!

The first attempt to show our existence to outer space was with the Voyager Golden Records, the famous set of records that were launched with the Voyager spacecraft in 1977. Those records contain sounds and images that show our life and culture to any extraterrestrial life form.

But, years before the launch of the Voyager records the International Flying Saucer Bureau declared the World Contact Day, in 1953. The date was March 15th. At that date all members of the IFBS organization attempted to broadcast a message into outer space by using telepathy.

Today IFSB is celebrating the 62nd anniversary and through the website invites everyone to join in and broadcast a similar message in order to make contact with any form of extraterrastial life.

Are We Truly Alone?

For me the fundamental questions still exist. Are we alone in space? And if we are not where are the others? Is the human race ready for someone new in the space neighbourhood or do we prefer being alone just a little longer? I believe that many share the same questions. But, until someone comes forward with hard evidence, the vast majority will unfortunately believe that extraterrestrial life is a scientific fairy tale for the conspiracy lovers.

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