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India-Nepal relations: Indian President Mukherjee’s Nepal Visit

Nepal’s new government under the leadership of Pushpa Kamal Dahal (commonly known as Prachanda) is trying its best to smoothen out the turbulence in the relationship of India and Nepal during the tenure of K.P Sharma Oli.

Oli’s pro-china decisions and the blockades around India-Nepal border by the Madhesis community (who live close to the Indian border and have close cultural ties with India) due to discriminatory representation in the new constitution were some of the reasons for souring relationship between India and Nepal.

In order to mend the souring India-Nepal relationship and strengthen old ties with Nepal, India’s President Pranab Mukherjee is on a 3 day Nepal visit from 2nd to 4th Nov. It is the first visit to Nepal in 18 years by an Indian President.

Pranab Mukherjee, who has been dealing closely with Nepal during his tenure as defence minister, finance minister and external affairs minister, is familiar with several members of various parties of Nepal. He arrived in Nepal on the afternoon of 2nd Nov for his 3 day visit.

According to The Kathmandu Post, Mukherjee is content with the latest developments in Nepal’s politics and believes that Nepal would reach a logical conclusion, with regards to constitutional amendments, soon. Mukherjee also feels that the Indo-Nepal relations are going in the right direction under Prime Minister Prachanda, undoing some of the disputable decisions taken by his predecessor Oli.

Prakash Saran, Nepal’s minister of foreign affairs said the meeting focused on strengthening reciprocal ties. Though the details of the meetings are not yet available, Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized the need for high level exchanges and mutual cooperation between the two nations.

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