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I Stand for Human Rights, Do You?

Human Rights – In about a 100 billion galaxies, possibly even more than that, our home – the Milky Way Galaxy – exists, consisting of more than a hundred billion stars. Of which, our planet earth, the blue planet, is the one and only planet where we know that life exists. The total human population, as of 2016, is about 7.44 billion people. 7.44 billion hearts are beating on this planet, at this very moment, calculating every step, every move, aspiring to reach their dreams and goals.

Home to 7.44 billion hearts, or even more, the Earth may be a huge place, but not a happy one. The smiles that we see today have emerged from the destruction that has been seen in the previous years. The movements, the revolutions, the riots, have all led us here today – privileged and free humans!

Before we were free, with voting rights, driving rights, even ‘free to be seen in public’ rights; free of all chains and bonds; we were all trapped. Trapped by symbolic cages, trapped by stereotypes, trapped by the notions of someone who deemed themselves to be higher than all of us. Chains of separate colors, separate religions, different cultural backgrounds, separate sexes and genders, and even sexual preferences have been holding us down for ages. Held down by all these chains, we did not realize that we are all dust, and we shall turn to dust someday. Then why do we object? Why do we hold others down as well? Where is the freedom, for which our forefathers sacrificed themselves? This is the prime reason why Human Rights were needed in the past, and are required even more today.

Why are Human Rights Needed?

Human Rights have been necessary so that a black woman can send her child to school, and feed them heartily and adequately. They are needed so that a Dalit in India can become the holder of the most prestigious job in the country – an IAS officer. Human Rights are necessary so that women, all over, can have a voice in choosing the government of the country, or even to live freely. They are essential so that lovers of the same sex can bring up a family they have always wanted to, without any judgments from society.

The declaration of Human Rights was first introduced to the world in the year 1948, by the United Nations. They emerged from the ruins and the damages second world war brought upon the world, especially after the pain jews had to endure. It got to a point where approximately six million Jews had to die at the hands of Nazi German ideologies of purity.

The laws of equality, and freedom; the fundamental rights that we have today, in our respective countries, are based on the declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations. The rights under the declaration have led to the protection of not just the rights of people, but their purpose, their dreams, and goals in life.

We Are One

When it snows, it snows for all of us,

When it rains, it rains for all of us,

When the winds blow, they blow for all of us.

Then who gives us the right to damage other people’s purpose in life by the forced implementation of our feudal ideologies and notions? If we are trying to figure out our lives, our goals, or dreams, then what gives the self-declared “elite” the right to mar opportunities for us? What gives “us” the right?

Today, in the 21st century, people are still homophobic. They are still sexist, and racist. How is a gay couple not capable of raising a beautiful family of their own? Or why is a woman not competent enough to hold a pivotal position in the corporate world, or how incapable is a black man to be a president of one of the most developed countries in the world, two times? Had there been no Human Rights or the United Nations declaration, we would still be living in the feudalistic notions we had in historical times.

We would still be living in an era where stereotypes ruled the world, where untouchability prevailed, where the notions of purity and impurity prevailed over the notions of humanity and kindness. We owe this change to nothing, but the Human Rights Declaration.

Human Rights: We Are Equal

We hold no rights over anyone. No one is bound to us, or tied to us. We are all free in our perspectives. We are all free in our selves. Freedom cannot be given to any of us, nor can be taken away from us. It has always been in our hearts, over which nobody has a right. We are all humans trying to figure out our purpose. We can find it by uniting together and respecting each other, not by following the concepts of elitism.

Human Rights are needed to cure the “diseases” that we humans have. Diseases of selfishness, greed for power and privileges, our wants, and our inability to respect those around us. They are needed to cure us, for we are flawed humans. We need them to educate our children, to help them differentiate between good and bad, to make them better and more sensitive humans, to protect them from ruining the future as other “elites” did in the past. They are needed to ensure “idealists” still have faith in the human capacity of kindness, but moreover, in the goodness of a human’s heart.

In this humongous universe, with millions and billions of stars and galaxies, our planet is a blue dot. It is a miracle that human species exists today. The opportunities, the resources that we have today, are for everyone to share. We just need to remember the poetry that Physics has played with us- turning star-dust into humans.

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