Hot Dogs: Solving the Hot Dog Food Riddle

Foodgasm has found a new shape, thanks to the delectable meaty cylinders called Hot Dogs. This darling grab-a-bite snack of westerners is slowly crawling its way into the tummies of fast food lovers across the globe. But did you ever wonder about what goes into making this sandwich-burrito hybrid?

Well, strap on your seatbelt because we are going to take you through one hell of a ride which will completely alter your notion about this so-called “Comfort Food”.

Hot Dogs: Too Hot to Handle, Eh?

Traditional hot dogs contain mixtures of pork, chicken, and beef along with other natural fibers. After getting tossed around the trimmings are thrust out through a metal strainer like device which imparts to it a hamburger meat kinda look. This is quickly followed up by adding in food starches, spices, and corn syrup. After adding more water to maintain the gooey consistency, the mixture is siphoned into casings and cooked inside a smokehouse. To wrap it off these weiners are finally bathed in cold water and transferred to the packing department.

Mouthing the “Stop Animal Cruelty” Slogan

“So do you love your pooch?” – “Oh yes, so much. I am a diehard animal lover”

“And do you love hot dogs?” – “Gosh!! I can’t live without it”

There lies the fallacy naked in front of you. However, if you knew the painstaking reality of the hot dog industry, then every humane cell of yours would flinch before taking a single bite henceforth.

Momma pigs are stuffed inside tiny metal crates during the gestation period and farrowing crates during the nursing period where there’s not enough space for them to even turn around. Such vehement confinement causes pressure sores which are in most cases left untreated to turn into deep and hollow wounds. Sometimes the pigs even develop suicidal traits and end up injuring themselves against the metal bars. Mother pigs are artificially inseminated numerous times until their heart stops beating.

The newborn piglets are snatched away from their mother within a few weeks and male ones are genitally mutilated without any painkiller.

Not a very happy picture right?

Fitness Freaks Take a Cue

The infamous MSG used as a flavor enhancer in the hot dog bears the brunt of containing “excitotoxin” which can actually kill the sensory neurons in your body.

Sodium nitrite which acts as a synthetic preservative can transform into nitrosamines when exposed to high heat which incubates the notorious carcinogen.

Another food preservative Sodium erythorbate which helps hot dogs maintain its pink texture has also been associated with gastrointestinal issues, dizziness, headaches, and even kidney stones!

Cochineal dye made from boiling beetle shells imparts color to your favorite dog. Still fancy eating it much?

Ever wondered where from this America’s mass munching snack derives its sweetness? Well, it’s Corn syrup silly! The same old corn syrup which is known to foster type 2 diabetes, obesity, and the probability of heart disease.

Let’s Hear What Defenders Have to Say

The Hot Dog industry has come up with “veggie” and “nitrate-free” hot dogs to cope up with this current tumultuous market scenario. But when companies say that they are selling “nitrate-free” hot dogs, be sure of the fact that all they are offering is “no added nitrates” as technically speaking food of such long shelf life will perish it not injected with proper quantities of preservatives.

I Shall Sign Off Saying

Be it with mustard or ketchup dressing, hot dogs do taste divine either way. Americans mark their independence day gobbling up more than 150 millions of these frankfurters. One can argue that grabbing a hot dog saves far more time than preparing the Oh-so boring salad. But remember folks, with every single bite of this “forbidden food” you are just ending up harming the person you love the most in this world – Thyself.

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