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Hey B.o.B — The Earth Is Not Flat

In the past couple of days, the Internet became one huge mess, all thanks to rapper Bobby Ray Simmons, also known as B.o.B, who had a few thoughtful scientific insights to share with his Twitter followers. A raging debate sparked up and people are still fighting over whether the Earth is round or flat. The Earth is not flat, and here’s why.

But, wait! Didn’t we settle this centuries ago? Well, it appears not. If you haven’t come across any of this so far, please allow me to sum it up for you very shortly.

Who started it all?

A few days ago, B.o.B started to tweet various pictures accompanied by explanations of why the Earth is not actually round. Keep in mind, these ‘theories’ that B.o.B posted have already been debunked a couple of times. His tweets made a lot of real scientists cringe and feel the need to respond. Neil deGrasse Tyson, famous astrophysicist, attempted to reason with the young rapper.

Obviously, all of Mr. Tyson’s efforts were to no avail, because as a response, B.o.B made a song called Flatline. This song definitely gives the listeners something to think about. Like, for example, does anyone check the credibility of the ‘facts’ that B.o.B puts in his lyrics? Although it takes a few listens for one to make some sense out of the song, we understand that B.o.B has some legitimate concerns and questions.

In his lyrics, B.o.B celebrates himself as a revolutionary free thinker, who is now a target of the Globalists, coming to get him. Furthermore, the rapper suggests that Neil Tyson is being paid for claiming that Earth is in fact round. He then proceeds to ask, why is NASA part of the Department of Defense? Excuse me, Mr. Simmons, but you might want to get your facts straight. NASA is not part of the Department of Defense. This is where most of us quit trying to take this song seriously.

The Earth is Not Flat – Galileo Galilei

Although there are a lot of people who supported B.o.B’s statements, the bigger part of the public began to criticize him mercilessly. He became the subject of so much mockery and ridicule, but even that wasn’t enough to make him quit. In fact, he found a way to make it work in his advantage. B.o.B presents himself as somewhat of a modern day Galileo Galilei. Like him, B.o.B presents a new truth to the people, a truth that goes completely against the existing reality. Also like him, B.o.B gets judged, attacked and laughed at. The difference is that Galileo was actually right and had legitimate scientific proof to support his claims, whereas B.o.B has probably completely lost touch with reality.

One might wonder, where did B.o.B acquire this vast scientific knowledge that he is so quick to throw around on social media? Well, certainly not from the high school he dropped out of in ninth grade. Not that his opinion is less valuable because of this fact, but I think we should agree that your average scientist probably knows more than B.o.B. about the shape of the earth and whether it spins or not.

Unfortunately, B.o.B is not the only person who shares this belief. There is a community called Flat Earth Society, consisted of about 200 members who truly believe the Earth is flat.

Why the Earth Is Not Flat, but Actually Round

I’m sure some of you have already started wondering, what makes 200 people believe that the Earth is flat? It’s not that they are delusional. In fact, they believe they have solid proof that everything we know about the Earth is one big lie, orchestrated by secret organizations who profit from your ignorance.

First of all, these people think that the Earth is one disk and that what we believe to be the South pole, is actually one circular frozen wall stretching around our flat Earth. Of course, the other planets and even our Moon are also not round. They are disks, just like Earth. Gravity is apparently also a lie. Instead, the reason why we aren’t floating around is the fact that Earth is infinitely moving upwards, thanks to dark energy. Furthermore, they claim that all of the pictures of Earth taken by NASA are a faked, that the Sun moves around the Earth – thus the existence of day and night. Wait, does this mean that the Sun also moves upwards?

Well, I can’t believe I’m saying this in the 21st century, but here are a couple of reasons why the Earth is actually round. These are all simple examples that everyone can wrap their head around, without the confusing mathematical equations.


Let’s start from the beginning. Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer, famous for organizing the expedition that made the first circumnavigation of Earth. Namely, in 1519 Magellan and his fleet started to sail west from Spain. Although Magellan died near the end of his journey, in 1522, what remained of his fleet returned to Spain, completing the first circumnavigation of Earth.

The Horizon

The reason why you cannot see Earth’s curvature with the naked eye because you are too small compared to the planet. If you go in an airplane, it’s very easy to spot the curve. Of course, the Flat-Earthers have an answer for that too! It’s because of the airplane’s windows that we are tricked into thinking that what we are looking at is a globe, instead of a disk. Here’s a simple experiment that proves this wrong. When a ship is sailing away from the shore, the observer can see the ship disappearing slowly from the bottom up. If the Earth were flat, then the ship would be distancing its self, appearing smaller and smaller until you cannot see it anymore, rather than disappearing inch by inch.

Star Constellations

One more proof that the Earth is pretty round is the difference in the star constellations one may observe when moving away from the equator. If the Earth were flat, the same constellations would be visible from any point of the planet. However, because it isn’t, we can see the observed constellation disappearing behind the horizon the farther we move away from the equator, because in a way, Earth’s curved surface is blocking our view.

Time Zones

Time zones would be another instance on this long list. If the Earth wasn’t round and spinning around its own rotational axis, there would be no day or night. But because it is, while the Earth spins, the sun shines and illuminates one part of the planet, while the other one is dark. A person who supports the flat Earth theory would respond to this by saying that the Sun actually moves around the disk-like Earth and therefore causes the change between night and day. Pretty simple, huh?

The Moon

During lunar eclipses the Earth ‘stands’ between the Sun and the Moon, so the sunlight cannot reach the surface of the Moon. Instead, we can observe a curved shadow of the Earth, further proving that the Earth is not flat. By observing the lunar eclipses, you will find that the Earth keeps throwing a round, oval shadow over the Moon, which is the ultimate proof that the Earth is a sphere.

Why is the Earth Not Flat?

For the sake of the argument, let us assume that the Earth is actually flat. This fact is being kept secret from regular people like you, me and B.o.B., Aristotle, NASA, the governments they all lied to us and made us believe that the Earth is round. Do you have a rough idea, how many people it would take to keep this a secret? Scientists, news reporters, airplane pilots, sailors, astronauts… All of these people involved and not one of them has ever come out with solid proof that they have been keeping this horrific secret?

So I am asking, why? Yes, why? Why would all of these people work so hard to deceive you, what could they possibly gain from fooling you into thinking that you are living on a sphere-shaped planet?

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you believe. Whether you choose to accept the facts or not, the Earth will continue to be round. Science and technology will continue to advance and hopefully, space travel will become much more affordable, so B.o.B and people who think alike can finally be convinced that we do not live on a disk.

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