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Would Gun Control in the United States Lead to a Bloodbath?

Some people don’t seem to make logical arguments when it comes to gun control. Infamously at the 2000 National Rifle Association convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, actor and then president of the NRA Charlton Heston concluded a speech with the infamous phrase; “from my cold, dead hands!” whilst brandishing a replica rifle in the air, thus making his feelings clear on gun control.

Gun Control or Gun Out of Control?

The label of being a ‘gun nut’ tends to stick at least for people on the left and many centrists, but is it rational to have a problem with people that collect guns, with ammunition properly stored? In this piece, CrowdH USA looks at the whether gun control would just lead to ‘gun-out-of-control’ if the United States federal government attempted disarmament.

Openly Carry or Discreetly Conceal?

Would you feel intimidated if you saw someone openly carrying a gun? Arguably, we should not live our lives in fear, and it would make sense to be much more afraid of the person who is concealing their weapon as if they have something to hide. Gang members, murderers and other criminals want to conceal their weapons, and will not walk around with an AR-15 strapped to their back because that would only attract attention.

Nevertheless, gun ownership in the United States is at a 40-year low, and statistically you are more likely to be killed by a hammer or a knife then you are to be shot to death. Mass shootings, sadly, have always happened, whether it was the Kent State Shootings in 1970 (in which government forces were the perpetrators), or even the little known Ludlow Masscare of 1914, in which the Colorado National Guard shot at striking miners killing up to 25 people.

There is, however, a bigger problem with gun control that relates to the United States. Australia, for example, had a number of gun amnesties throughout the noughties, resulting in the surrender of over 65,000 firearms. Whilst gun crime decreased, violence crime overall remained about the time as people just used other kinds of weapons. If someone is murderous, they do not need a gun to commit murder; they can conceal a knife, walk up, and stab the person in the kidney if they so wish. People will murder and kill regardless of any anti-weapon laws, but there is a bigger problem at hand.

Arms Amnesty: Australia’s civilian disarmament proved to be effective, but the same formula will not work for the United States.

Gun Control: Works for the Aussies, but not for the yanks

Australia is an island, and thus has no land borders. Conversely, the United States has two very long land borders, making it impossible to properly guard the entirely of northern and southern frontiers. Should the United States pass comprehensive disarmament, we may see the raise of arms sales who would gladly sell to cartels who are active in the country and to gangs and their competitors. They will still have guns, and they will still be firing upon each other and at the police, and the fear of breaking into someone’s home will become higher as the fear of being shot will diminish and property crime may skyrocket.

Thus, if the United States were to attempt to disarm people, the cartels would have guns, anti-government militias would still be able to obtain weapons and they would still be armed; and this is part and parcel of the problem. The government would have disarmed all of the law abiding citizens too.

The gun-nuts will win the gun control debate in the end…

Who is more likely to actually give up their guns to the happy federal agents that come to their door to disarm them? The person who is ultimately ambivalent and has no ‘out there’ beliefs or somebody who is paranoid already about the government and thinks the New World Order is coming? That kind of person is going to start firing the second that their door is knocked on, which would equate to high casualties if the United States government attempted to implement martial law based disarmament by the people that have those conspiracy-based beliefs.

We are talking about tens of millions of apocalyptic evangelicals who would start a bloodbath ending in a theocratic United States, whilst all the liberals that want gun control would be exiled to Madagascar… maybe.

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