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Is France a Failed State?

In recent times, the acute situation in France rising from the illegal exit of refugees from Calais to Britain, attacks on police and “no-go” zones for police as well as for women has raised many questions on the integrity of establishment.

The increase in number of migrants is getting challenging for the government of France to provide them with the basic facilities, moreover, the life at jungle camp in Calais is so miserable for the refugees that one of the refugees said that “it would be better to die in Syria, for I would die with honor”.

The Jungle of France

The Prime minister is constantly making promises that these refugees will soon be shifted to Britain, but it is taking too long for the government to fulfill its pledges so refugees are losing trust on these guarantees given by the government. This lack of trust in governmental policies to give refugees improved living facilities has increased the crime rate within the camp.

People are trying to attain their needs through theft, robbery, smuggling, and illegal exit of immigrants is also increasing day by day, as refugees are no longer interested in waiting for the state to move them to the UK where they can achieve better opportunities for their living situation. One of the 20 years old refugee said that “it is not like that life in the UK will be great for them, but it would definitely be better than here in this camp where the government has failed to provide us with basic living needs.”

People at Calais say that they are not sure if the state is doing enough to get them to England so that is why many refugees are leaving the camp illegally. And the number of refugees leaving the Calais camp is increasing tremendously day by day. As the state is failing in delivering what it pledged to deliver to immigrants, resulting in creating the situation of chaos in the city which is a trade hub between France and the UK. This jungle terror in France is increasing at a very high rate and the state does not seem quite serious to prioritize the issue and sort this out.

Moreover, in 2015, when Fox news complained about the NO-GO zones in Paris, the mayor of the city denied this news and said that she would sue Fox news for this false claim about the city. But in 2017, the situation is entirely different and the mayor of the Capital has said that they know about the No-Go zones in the city and even the state knows this but there is no severe action from the Prime Minister to cope with this issue as of now.

How one can define the No-Go zones has its two categories, a) no-go zones are for police where even police is not secure about its life if it enters such area and b) a No-Go zone for the women where they are strongly prohibited by the men and only men are there to sexually assault and harass the women if they go or pass by such areas.

No-Go Zones in France

Initially, the state claim that there are no “no-go” zones for the police, but after October 9th 2016 when four policemen were injured in the evil petrol pump attack, the police itself said that there are certain areas in the city where “we they ourselves as we are walking in Baghdad and there is no guarantee of our lives while operating in such areas.” Even the police need security in such areas.

On the other hand, women are also protesting against No-Go zones as they said that they have every right to go anywhere even if it’s a bar, club or any street and we should not be kept away from certain areas, but the men in No-Go zone areas said that we are not stopping any women but the women belong to a certain religion will obviously know that these places are not meant for the women and they will not come here, but when any women come to these areas, men pass such remarks which are quite disrespecting and disparaging for those women.

This No-Go zone issue is not new, but the state has not taken enough measures to stop these men for their unfair and ruthless act against the women in the city. So with time, in the capital city of France, there are many No-Go zones on specific days and on specific timings on a particular day including public places like parks and even roundabouts of the city. Subsequently, citizens do not feel secure to visit these places at all.

So keeping in view the above mentioned scenario of two important cities of France, where immigrants from other countries are taking control of the citizens and even police is not secured in certain areas, it can be concluded that authorities in France have lost control and are failing to deliver security as well as basic needs to refugees and immigrants.

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