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Food Proverb: How Food Slogans Mislead Us

It’s a characteristic of humans to pass down thought processes to their offspring. In so doing, proverbs from the Mesopotamian era are still with us today. It’s unfortunate that most humans never question them. They just swallow them, waiting to pass it on to their next in line. Like the food proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. You have always believed that, right? Well, sorry, but I have to tell you, it’s a lie! Not entirely. But most of it. Today we’ll pause and question a few of these false food proverbs.

Food Proverb 1: The Healthy Man is the Thin Man

This is a quote attributed to Samael Aun Weor. Society today idolizes slender bodies. Body shaming is found all over, especially for those with plus-size bodies. While obesity is not a good thing, you can have a large body but still be healthy, especially if the fat is converted to lean muscle. Think about bodybuilders, are they really thin? Would you say they are unhealthy? On the flip side, you can be a slender-bodied person and still suffer from high cholesterol-related illnesses. The bottom line is, stay fit and eat healthy, whether thin or fat.

Food Proverb 2: If You Keep Good Food in Your Fridge, You Will Eat Good Food

This one is by Errick McAdams. The premise is that if you only stock up on healthy food, it will be the only food you eat. It’s true as long as you are in your house. But you don’t always stay indoors. The moment you step outside, plenty of unhealthy food is waving at you. And since you cannot carry the fridge along with you as you leave the house, you will buy it. So, does having good food in the fridge really help? Yes. When you know it’s more than just having good food in the fridge.

Food Proverb 3: An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

This is an old British adage. It’s arguably the most common proverb for healthy eating. But really, does eating 365 apples each year keep you from the hospital? No. As a matter of fact, this slogan was being used by apple sellers back in the days as a marketing slogan. Its sole purpose was aimed at driving their sales up and has no provable scientific facts. That said though, eating apples is good for your health, just as is any other fruits, but it does not mean you’ll see your doctor less.

Food Proverb 4: The Art is to Eat it With Taste

Another common proverb. This one’s from France. It encourages having food while it is tasty as possible. While the originators could have meant “well” rather than “tasty”, it was only in those days.

Today, making food tasty is not by any means similar to what it was a few centuries ago. It means you will add processed sugars, fats, and salts. Yes, they make it taste great, but in turn, do great damage to your body. So, it’s no longer an art to eat it with taste. Dieting is the price you will have to pay for eating unhealthy. That said, healthy food is not inferior in taste, you will just have to begin enjoying it.

Food Proverb 5: Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food

This food proverb is from Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. He obviously meant well. Until junk food became part and parcel of our lives. You have probably heard the quote “you are what you eat”. So you eat junk food and you become? Well, people have been thinking food is all about taste and getting fed. The love of food is important. And everybody is working so that they can get something in their stomach. But if the food is bad, it won’t be medicine, it will be poison. So, thy food will be thy medicine only when you take into consideration its real nutritional value.

Food Proverb 6: Eat Good, Feel Good, Look Good

Author unknown. He or she probably had good intentions, but definitely taken out of context. Eating well, to many people today, means to eat processed foods. They make the body feel good. Healthy food is, on the other hand, to be endured. You really have to get the true meaning of good food if you are to look good in the end.

If you don’t pay the farmer, you will pay the hospital

Well, this is my favorite and it’s also true. So, watch over your health, eat healthy, keep fit, and don’t just follow the ‘healthy eating’ food proverbs or slogans you will see all around you. It’s sometimes good to pause and think about it.

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