Female Sex Tourism: Sex Trade All Around The Globe

The sex trade industry is not limited to one form of sexual favors. It ranges from physical relations, videos, nude dancing to sex tourism, especially in the form of female prostitutes. The market for this kind of tourism is a rather small but consistent one all over the world.

Regardless of it being a norm that mostly younger female prostitutes are demanded, male prostitutes for female tourists are ever so growing and booming in today’s age and time. This industry is a multi-billion dollar one, simply due to the recurring clients, all over the world, especially in the underprivileged parts of the world.

Are They Ordinary Tourists?

You will find nothing wrong with the people who, to the unobserving eye, seem like normal tourists. What goes on behind closed doors is, however, a completely different story. In regions like Jamaica, Senegal, Ukraine, Jordan, and Thailand, female sex tourists are quite common. Middle-aged women may seem like ordinary tourists taking a once in a lifetime vacation abroad, but actually, seek and purchase sexual relations with local male prostitutes while they’re traveling.

Growing Market for Male Prostitutes

The market for male prostitutes is so prevailing lately on the island of Bali that a special documentary was made about it. If you look up a movie called “Cowboys in Paradise” you will find candid interviews conducted with the local males who offer sex for money and the females who purchase it. While the makers of it may have removed the film itself due to its viral nature, the trailer can still be found on YouTube.

Artists Speaking Up

What drives these women to find such excitement while on vacation? While there were only whispers about women soliciting sexual services of younger men in the 60s, it has become a bigger issue now that is coming further into light as authors and filmmakers base their art around it and speak up. The film “Rent-a-Rasta” by J. Michael Seyfert revolves around men in Jamaica who provide services of sexual nature to women either for the sake of sex itself or to provide these women companionship while they are lonely. In exchange, these women would shower these male prostitutes not only with money but also with gifts and several promises for a better future.

“Sex tourism, a product of slavery, is not new to the Caribbean. Every year, over 80,000 middle-aged women flock to Jamaica to get their groove back.”

– How Stella Got Her Groove Back, 1980s American Film

Statistics And Data

In the year 2001, research based on 240 women in Negril was conducted. The result of this research showed that a third of these 240 women had engaged sexually with men while they were on holiday somewhere far from their hometown. Out of these 80 women, an estimate of 60 percent admitted to having paid for sex. Regardless of this fact, they claimed that they should not be referred to as sex tourists because they do not view the men they had sex with as prostitutes, even though they were paid for their companionship.

Sex Tourism and AIDS

Sex tourism brings with itself its own set of problems. Thailand was one of the first Asian countries to encounter active sex tourism, and with it, it brought on itself diseases like AIDS that rapidly spread in 1987. This form of tourism isn’t only limited to male and female prostitutes; it also revolves around child and same-sex prostitution which are also high in demand. However sad it is, it is a reality our world is facing every day. Every day numerous people are forced to sell their bodies for money. Some have to pay their bills with this money while some are forced into the sex trade by their families or boyfriends.

They Seek Companionship, Not Sex

While it is deduced that male sex tourists look purely for a sexual release with female or male prostitutes, female sex tourists often fool themselves into believing that the companionship they receive from the prostitute they hire is more than their money’s worth.

There have been cases of women who are 30 or so years older than the male prostitutes that they hire and later continue to support because they feel they are in love. At no point during this arrangement do these middle-aged women stop the financial support that they are giving these men for hire. When the money stops, abuse begins and the men walk out leaving these women crushed as the only form of companionship they had is now gone.

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