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Eastern Europe

Venezuela Russia China Oil

Russia and China May Decide the Fate of Venezuela

Latin America Russia China
Romanian justice laws system

The Modifications of the Romanian Justice Laws System

Northern Europe

Theresa May

Theresa May’s Cabinet: How Normal is It?

Education in the UK

The British Education System Lets Down the Most Vulnerable

TV Shaun the Sheep

5 Utterly Terrifying Programs from British Children’s TV

Southern Europe

Catalonia Spain Independence

Catalonia and Spain: A Century of Rejection

Catalonia independence

Will Catalonia’s Independence Fuel Spanish Nationalism?

greeks, athens

Meet the Greeks: A Day in Athens

Western Europe

Martin Schulz Political Responsibility Principles

The German Conundrum: Political Responsibility vs. Principles

Jamaica Coalition

German Federal Election 2017: Jamaica Coalition Breakdown

amsterdam weed capital

Amsterdam: The European Weed Capital?

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January 2018 protest in Bucharest, Romania

January 2018 Protest in Bucharest, Romania

Colectiv Fire: 1 Year Later

Calais Jungle Children