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EthicAd: A Fair Trade Ethical Ad Network for Online Advertising

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Saving the planet is not a task fulfilled in a day. Many companies and businesses are starting to refocus to work ethically, and it is about time that we apply the principles of fair trade to more industries. One of those early pioneers is EthicAd, an ad network that tries to bring ethical principles to online advertising.

Online Advertising is a Battlefield

Online advertising was born with the internet and has been a rampant battlefield where visibility is everything. However, looking at most ads on websites, many of those are aiming at sensationalism or fishing users by outrageous promises. While it becomes increasingly hard for the consumer to filter the sensory overload that online advertising is, for offers that don’t pretend but actually are the real deal. Advertising, in general, seems to be an industry stripped from all ethical or moral values. That begs the question if, in the era of fair trade consumer goods, we should have fair trade online advertising as well? The answer is, obviously, yes!

EthicAd, an Ethical Ad Network

The ad network EthicAd is focusing their Canadian startup company on ethical online advertising based on fair trade principles. However, why is that important, you may ask? Again, the answer is very simple. Because companies and consumers alike benefit if scammy, unethical and dubious ads vanish.

For advertisers with a genuine interest in promoting their ethical business, being part of a fair trade ad network means having control over the environment their ads are displayed. In contrast to that, in the online advertising industry, being next to a penis enlargement ad or the famous “you won an iPad” ads is most damaging for the own reputation. Imagining a fair trade coffee ad next to sexual content would probably make most advertisers angry because it can potentially damage their reputation. But that’s where EthicAd steps in.

Fair Trade Coffee and Fair Trade Ads

As an ad network with ethical and fair trade principles at its core, EthicAd wants to revolutionize the online advertising industry. It is the seal of approval for websites. Knowing that on every website with the EthicAd brand, all ad content fulfills the same ethical principles. Trust is one thing, it also makes sure the online advertising industry gets a revamp into a new and sustainable direction.


EthicAd only publishes curated content that adheres to its ethical, fair trade policies. This ensures that all ads have the same moral base. Apart from that, the ad network is open to anyone willing to gain visibility in the online advertising space. Comparably low prices ensure that even startup companies with restrained budgets can join an ad network. One that treats them as equal partners. The focus of EthicAd is building an ad network on an ethical base, not on the biggest budget, and it works.Add to this the intuitive interface and tools available to all customers in the EthicAd ad network, making the entry into online advertising as easy as possible.

Do you lead a business based on fair trade and ethical principles? Don’t hesitate and contact EthicAd for an individual quote to join this revolutionary new ad network today!

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