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Erdogan Bans the Teaching of Evolution

The dictator of the Turkish (former) Republic, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has decided that Turkish students no longer need to learn about evolution. Perhaps he will just have it taught at universities as a totally flawed hypothesis at odds with theological doctrine.

Religion Evolution

Does anyone get the feeling that Turkey is being run by someone with the intelligence of Rick Santorum? I think it is. Erdogan himself is not religious, and none of these strong arm individuals ever are. They are agnostic; if they believed in a god at all, it is a god that willed them to power so they can abuse others at their leisure and call it holiness. It is like a mega church pastor, or some big time imam sitting in a silver throne, rambling about women’s rights and how you can beat your wife.

Erdogan does not give a f**k about Islam. What Erdogan cares about is Erdogan. He weighed two possibilities as the prospect of joining the European Union heated up. Firstly, he asked himself whether he wanted to be the representative leader for while, of a rising nation, increasingly Western and prosperous, or does he want absolute control over a nation that once again will probably become the sick man of Europe, floundering on the edges of the ailing European Union, and eventually give up the ghost as people revolt against whoever he appoints as his successor; essentially the Erdogan 2.1 he would appoint when he is a full dictator.

The Emperor Has No Clout

He decided that the latter would be the better idea. He thought to himself that he is on the older side, and that he could cling to power for the rest of his life and basically become an emperor with his concubines. When Turkey collapses because it no longer has educational attainment, tourism dries up, and when the next big earthquake to hit Istanbul and rips the Bosphorus apart, there will be a revolution in the country. People will rise up and cast out the Erdoganists that will come after he is already in the grave — or embalmed like the body of Lenin and lying in state perpetually for people to kiss his chemically soaked feet.

Teachable Moment

If you want to destroy a nation, the way to do so is to screw around with it’s educational system. Seek to destroy it’s educational attainment by making sure the young are perpetually ignorant which is exactly what this will accomplish. Look at some of the skilled Turkish diaspora; in many European nations there are Turkish doctors, scientists and technicians who bring back remittances to their country. With Erdogan’s education ‘reforms’, they can now kiss goodbye to that cash-cow.

Turkey already has signs of strain. Not just the attempted and/or possibly fake coup that happened last year and not just the protests that happened in Gezi Park. It is the mere fact that Erdogan more or less declared himself emperor what is more or less the second Ottoman Empire; despite not having any of their old Ottoman lands. This should be worrying for everyone else in the region and for everyone in Turkey that does not want to get thrown like a wall of meat at the next brewing regional conflict.

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