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What Is Hillary Clinton Up To Now?

Most of the time when a US presidential candidate loses the race, the public totally forgets about them. However, Hillary Clinton is too much of a big name in politics too be totally forgotten. Also, this presidential election was FAR too divisive and angry for people to forget the candidates.

The Hillary Clinton Emails

So far, Clinton has NOT been investigated by Trump at all. This is probably best all around, especially considering that many in HIS cabinet are using private email servers, just like he bashed Clinton for doing.

In fact, the Department of Justice has dropped the matter altogether and encouraged other Conservative watchdog groups to do the same. The DOJ said in a statement about the whole affair: “It is moot.” So the American public can finally forget about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and pick on Trump’s team for doing it too.

Future Politics

Clinton has been very vague about her plans for the future. For now, she has not done much beyond attend a lot of meetings that tried to figure out why she lost the election and how to help future Democratic presidential candidates win. In fact, many big donors have felt cheated, as they had been told it was a sure win against Trump. These wealthy donors have demanded a post-campaign autopsy to figure out what went wrong with the election.

The Wesleyan Media Project has claimed to find from a study that Hillary Clinton lost because of a failure to promote ads to certain states she believed were a sure thing, such as Pennsylvania. She did not air any ads in those states until the week before the election. The study also showed the ads that she did air were “almost devoid of policy discussions in a way that has not been seen in previous races.” The study also claimed she “appeared to spend the most time on personal issues and the least amount of time on policy.” However, no one can say for sure why she lost the electoral vote the way that she did with 100% certainty.

For now, although Hillary Clinton herself has yet to confirm or deny rumors, there is no evidence that she is planning to run for New York mayor. There were tons of rumors that flew around in January about a potential NYC mayorship, but Hillary Clinton still has yet to confirm or deny. It is looking less and less likely that she plans to at all.

Charity Work

At the moment, Hillary Clinton has thrown herself 100% into work for the Clinton Foundation and is expected to start making speeches and doing fundraisers. The Clinton Foundation is still going strong, as people still have faith in her even though she lost the election. The fact that she won the popular vote by 3,000,000 has gone a long way towards keeping her credibility going. She should still have no problem packing out venues for speeches and fundraisers and getting money for charity for quite a few years to come.

Will Hillary Clinton Go Back To Politics?

The definitive answer is that no one really has any idea. In fact, Hillary Clinton herself may not know if she wants that either. Her most recent foray into political ANYTHING was a recent meeting with her team and the Russian Ambassador, which was an attempt on the part of Russia to calm down fears that Russian hacked the American election.

Hillary Clinton may never go back into politics on the scale that she has been for the past many years. She will be almost 73 by the time the next election rolls around, and the majority of the US may not want another nasty Trump-Clinton election again. Hillary Clinton may end up sticking to charity, and supporting the new generation of Democratic leaders through financial and years of political experience.

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