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Trump’s State of the Union Address: I’m a Bigot and I Know It

The President’s State of the Union Address is one of the most important speeches in American politics each and every year. It is a chance to address the situations of the country and to inform Democrats, Republicans, and the public alike on what’s to come. While many had hoped President Donald Trump to seek compromises and highlight reasonable unity, he didn’t really. The word left his mouth but was soon forgotten when he took the “Dreamers” hostage for the sake of his fancy border wall.

Knowing Donald Trump, there were a few things we all expected from his State of the Union Address. He would praise himself, he would claim achievements he didn’t really influence, he would enjoy his Republican applause breaks, and he would blame Obama for something, all while hitting hard on immigration and either condemning the Russia investigation or just keeping it quiet. If all those things were on your bingo card, you sure as hell would’ve been a winner, unlike the rest of the American population in the current political climate.

Donald Trump: Unity is Just a Word

Donald Trump did call for American unity in his State of the Union Address, but he was quick to undermine his displayed intentions himself. In fact, the whole opener of his speech was nothing but fancy words of patriotic nonsense. Republican speech porn filled with flags, freedom, and veterans. Trump knows his base, and he seems to actively push for the mid-terms already to up his horribly low approval ratings.

It was an optimistic speech altogether, at least in terms of overall tone and direction. But just like a fancy old timer – a shiny facade doesn’t mean it’s not falling apart under the hood. Donald Trump’s administration is, surprisingly, still running, but it’s far from smooth.

Trump expectantly filled his State of the Union Address with the usual achievements. Tax cuts, that actually don’t help anyone but the rich, new jobs, the usual. Trump was really pushing for a best of – collecting self-perceived glamour and putting it in more words than he had ever seen written down.

Obviously, we got some cheap shots at Obama, this time in Trump’s promise to reinstate and keep Guantanamo Prison up and running, which, to this day, still houses over 40 terrorist suspects (emphasis on “suspects”). Obama tried to shut the facility down for good but unfortunately failed in Congress while in office.

By the end of it, it was almost hard not to believe in Donald Trump’s jolly vision of American unity. That is if he didn’t undermine his own claims by driving home his usual hardliner immigration policies, bending facts to his own narrative (as usual) and finally putting a price tag on the border wall.

Holding the Dreamers Hostage for the Border Wall

The issue of the whereabouts of the Dreamers, children of illegal immigrants in the USA, is still a topic in lockdown with little movement. As the deadline of 5th March comes closer, there still isn’t much clarity for these minors of what might happen beyond that date. Deportation or a shot at the American dream in this “new American moment” Trump so prominently announced?

The President did signal his willingness to compromise on the issue with Democrats in exchange for limiting legal immigration and building his wall, which, by the way, should probably cost taxpayers $25 Billion. No word on Mexico paying anything – where ever that notion disappeared to. Oh, yes, reality. Trump’s vision of conditional unity reads more like a bad joke than a sincere approach at this point. He may emphasize his alleged achievements all he likes – in the end, he is only doing half of what he promised for the underprivileged while funneling the big money to corporations and the rich – gotta love me that unity.

State of the Union Address: No Russia Investigation

One thing we surely didn’t hear of was anything remotely negative or critical of the President himself. The State of the Union Address is to address the state of the union. And the Union, in its current state, is on edge because of the Russia investigation, looking to shed light on the possible involvement of Trump’s election campaign with Russia and if the President indeed intended to fire Robert Mueller. We didn’t expect President Donald Trump to take the stage with a multilayered confession or comment but plainly omitting it seems like a cowardly move in face of something that could have huge implications for both the White House and the country.

In the end, it was all but a great State of the Union Address. At the same time, it kinda was what we expected, and at least it was upbeat, which is more than anyone probably hoped for. It’s nothing to get ecstatic about or to reinvigorate our hopes and dreams of Trump finally discovering his misplaced sanity. It was just a continuation of what we, sadly, grown accustomed to. Business as usual, carry on folks, nothing to see here.

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