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Donald Trump: President’s Mental Health is Fading

As the months go by with Donald Trump being the President of the United States, he continues to make decisions that not only alarm but also terrify the masses. His behavior is highly irrational and un-presidential and it has led politicians to start raising questions about the mental health of the current POTUS.

Twitter Galore for Mr. Trump

Donald Trump has missed no chance when it comes to venting about his feelings on social media, Twitter to be specific. On more than one occasion, Donald Trump shared his feelings about his mental superiority to Hilary Clinton and how her efforts during the election were mostly in vain.

Donald Trump: Crazy or Mentally Unfit?

We all knew there was something not quite alright with Mr. Trump. but only recently it has come to light that he may very well be mentally unstable to the point of not being able to remain President after all. There are many hard decisions that a President of the free world has to make and he must be wary of everyone, even minorities while doing so, and Trump has been very expressive of his opinions on those. But more on that some other day.

The Professional Opinion about Donald Trump’s Mental Health

Lawmakers that have recently voiced their concern about Trump’s state of mind summoned a psychiatry professor from Yale on December 5th to assess the President’s behavior in a session that lasted two days. This meeting was attended by over two dozen Congress members. The psychiatric professor had severe concerns about Donald Trump, which she did not fail to mention.

“He’s going to unravel, and we are seeing the signs. He is going back to conspiracy theories, denying things he has admitted before, his being drawn to violent videos. We feel that the rush of tweeting is an indication of his falling apart under stress. Trump is going to get worse and will become uncontainable with the pressures of the presidency.”

Dr. Brandy X. Lee, Psychiatry Professor at Yale University

The conversation about the President’s mental health is an ongoing one that has recently sparked quite a lot of discussion as Donald Trump tweeted about how his nuclear button is bigger than the one the leader of North Korea has.

25th Amendment and Trump’s Removal as POTUS

According to the 25th Amendment, a President of the United States can be removed from his position as the leader of the free world if the majority of the cabinet, along with the Vice President, declares him mentally unfit for the position, which Donald Trump clearly is.

The White House has refused to comment on the mental state of the President, but has stated that the quest to drive Donald Trump out of office with the excuse of him being mentally unfit is nothing but a pastime of “Never Trumpers”. For those of you who don’t know, apparently that is how Donald Trump’s staff refers to sane people who see the POTUS for what he really is, unfit for the presidency.

Richard Painter who was President George Bush’s chief White House Ethics Lawyer had an opinion of his own. He believes that Donald Trump’s tweet regarding his nuclear power button should have been grounds for his immediate removal.

The fact that Donald Trump somehow still continues to be President of the United States only goes to show how flawed our system really is. What if one day, Donald Trump is actually serious about pressing his nuclear button, perhaps just to show off?

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