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Donald Trump: A Great Revolutionary?

Is it time to pick on Donald Trump again? When is it ever? It’s been over a year since the election and we are closing in on a full year since Trump’s inauguration. A year since the real estate magnate was hailed into office as a person that had left behind all political correctness and bluntly said what he thought, not pledging allegiance to anyone but himself. His supporters labeled him as a great revolutionary. Turns out he may indeed be the precursor of a revolution, it may just be the wrong one.

Anyone remember this time last year? It was the time of Democrat resignation, of Conservative glee, of anticipation and dread. All was said and done and we were ready to have Donald Trump give it a shot. He was elected by whatever means, so he had earned at least that. And who knew, maybe he was the great revolutionary his supporters made him out to be. A person to finally drain the swamp of corruption, to cater to no one but what he felt was best – freed from any party dependencies.

A Glimmer of Hope

While it seemed the majority of the world cried out in disbelief, there was yet a glimmer of hope left. Maybe, just maybe, it may turn out alright. The conservative daily newspaper Washington Times was one of those calling Donald Trump a revolutionary, however, the great prospects they imagined back then are hardly accurate a year later. The hard truth is that even Trumps voters seem to slowly lose faith in their appointed leader. Donald Trump, admittedly, started out stronger than I personally imagined possible – with confidence and a sincere motivation. Sure he lied a lot, but if he wants to bloat about a meager inauguration crowd, I couldn’t care less. It was after that when it actually took a more serious turn.

Politicians lie. All of them do, I won’t romanticize politics and neither should you. Every politician has an end goal. Some may be more humble than others, but they always work towards a specific achievement. To say that that achievement would turn out to be beneficial for the nation they vowed to lead and protect isn’t always true. Put the greatest humanitarian into office and the nation would suffer. The citizens would most likely do great personally, but the nation as a whole would suffer, especially the economy. Vote for an economic mastermind and the people would suffer while the economy thrives. This time they voted for the greatest narcissists of all time. Imagine who suffers then? Everyone but.

Donald Trump: A Great Tool

Remember George Bush Jr.? He was a tool, a tool of something he couldn’t control. Donald Trump is too, except he knows and doesn’t care as long as people treat him nicely and uphold his little ego bubble. Sometimes I’m not even sure Donald Trump has a clear line of reasoning, or right and wrong, or a political opinion. America has to be better – and to make it better people have to feel better. So as a fellow narcissist what would make himself feel better? Be loved, pay fewer taxes and just do whatever his fellow appointed specialists tell him to do. Oh, and watch telly. And let’s be honest after the FCC got rid of Net Neutrality based on major lobbying efforts by major ISPs nobody can seriously tell me Donald Trump is successfully draining the corrupt swamp he loved to talk about during his campaign.

He is a talker, not necessarily a good one. But a flashy talker nonetheless. Parading his ego and opinions. A businessman who won’t have a “no” when his own interests are concerned. He’s winging it and he may, after all, turn out to be the crafty revolutionary the US needed. Donald Trump, the great revolutionary, is stirring both ends of the political spectrum and is causing a revolution in the minds of the American public. A revolution that will transform into actions, actions that may have greater proportions than the terrible act that was Charlottesville. Even more than his horrible reaction to it.

The Revolutionary we Deserve

He is simply not doing his job well enough, and that is what will ultimately decide his fate and the fate of his nation in the long run. He has effectively worked hard to kill or let his administration kill off many things the lower half of American earners needed to live a better life. Xenophobia and catering to fears is just not a great way to lead a nation unless you are in for a world of trouble, and we are just one year into his term. It may take a year or two more, but it will become increasingly apparent that Donald Trump, albeit his big words, is no match for any political office, however small. He works for benefits, mainly his own, and it won’t be long until enough is eventually enough.

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