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Donald 2.0: How to Avoid Raising the Next Trump

Donald Trump is many things. He is, of course, the President of the United States. He is the mastermind behind “The Apprentice.” But above all else, he’s a child. From Twitter tantrums to name-calling, Trump is easily the most childish 71-year-old president in history. His lack of sensitivity and respect and his self-centered, fragile ego are traits that should have prevented him from becoming the head of the United States of America – and yet, here we are. Something went right for Trump and, subsequently, wrong for America. Parents: it’s on us now to do whatever we can to avoid bringing up Trump 2.0.

Like it or not, his is the face of a nation, but for many, it’s an atrocity that can never happen again. In an age in which such a person wins and we collectively lose, what can be done?

To avoid raising the next reality-star-turned-presidential-embarrassment, a dissection of how he came to be this way might prevent a future generation of Trumps, which is and ought to be a truly terrifying thought.

The Ego Trip

If there’s any striking trait that Donald Trump wears with pizzazz, it’s his unchecked ego, which, despite his repeated failures, remains intact. Children, on the other hand, are generally afforded some natural life-lessons designed to teach them all about what they can and cannot do: bruised knees and bottoms due to careless twirls and leaps and bounds are injuries that children, who are versatile and resilient, are built to recover and learn from quickly. The idea is that these collective “whoopsies” lead to a healthy adult with a healthy, slightly bruised ego. It keeps us all in check.

Unless of course, you are President Trump, who twirls gleefully through countless business failures and political snafus relatively unscathed and clearly none the wiser. One can only assume that he spent his childhood in the same way, despite his son’s outlandish claims that Trump was “poor.”

When left unchecked, a strong ego paired with a weak mind can cause some real damage – as we have daily proof. Trump’s ego became so inflated that he figured he was fit to run for president and who are we to deny it? He won!

If you want to avoid raising a second Trump, let your child fail from time to time – we are begging you.

Social Media

Trump is famous for his social media snafus, and some genius at the White House has allowed him complete freedom with his Twitter account – a perfect place for any and all tantrums to take place.

It’s through social media, though, that we have had the pleasure of being introduced to a multitude of new and exciting words thanks to Trump. “Covfefe” was a viral favourite, and of course, who can forget (or disagree with) his sincerest wish for lasting “peach?” He’s so right: he does have the best words.

So while Trump’s lack of any kind of internal censor is endlessly entertaining, it’s a character trait that ought to be avoided when raising children into adulthood. At the very least they should learn how to spell and know the difference between “council” and “counsel.” On the flip side, it sure is entertaining and we could all use a few more creative words in our vocabulary – like “unpresidented.” Genius.

Mind Those Ps and Qs!

When meeting the wife of the President of France, Trump probably should have lead with something like: “I’m honoured to make your acquaintance.” Instead, he chose an unsolicited comment on her physical appearance by telling her, in front of his own wife, no less, that she was “in such good shape,” and “beautiful.” The world could not apologize enough to Mrs. Macron, who thankfully, did not seem surprised or even phased.

But seriously, did no one ever teach him to mind his manners?

It’s these types of comments that children make to strangers in line at the grocery store, causing their parents complete and utter mortification. Most children grow out of such improprieties if they are raised to avoid making such cringe-worthy comments, but Trump missed the boat on that one.

Not that we can complain too much – Trump’s comments and ill-timed jokes have been the butt of many, many jokes in his time in office.

Once an entertainer, always an entertainer.

Donald Trump – He’s Like…Really Smart

Trump’s incessant claims of “fake news” whenever he is reported on unfavourably are so clearly the result of a fragile ego, it’s almost sad. Or at least, it would be if he was at all likable.

But despite Alec Baldwin’s hilarious impersonations and the media’s continued exhaustive efforts to bring to light the darkness behind Trump’s blank stare, the President’s efforts can’t be quashed. He has publicly and casually declared himself to be “like…really smart” and, who could forget, a “stable genius,” while rubbing it in America’s face that he did, in fact, do exactly what he set out to do. Persistent and direct he may be, and it did help him win the presidency – but where is the kindness? Where are his compassion and his thoughtfulness? A world leader needs these qualities, and unfortunately for Trump, money can’t buy them.

America needs him to be something he’s not and can never be. Parents: it’s on us now to do whatever we can to avoid bringing up Trump 2.0. Humorous though it may be at times, it’s not okay that he runs an entire country. Let’s teach our children to be better, and collectively say what we’ve all wanted to say for so long:

“You’re fired!”

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