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Democracy Spring Protest in Washington, DC

Just a few days ago, one of the largest series of mass arrests happened in Washington, DC. Protesters marched from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA all the way to the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

This 150 mile trek was in protest of the special interest groups in politics, state voter ID laws, and the role of money in political elections.

These protests are not the problem at all; they are merely the next logical step that comes from people who do not have $900 million to fund their own campaign. People in the United States are tired of how the elections happen, how the democratic superdelegates (and the entire electoral college!) work, and the amount of voice of the people does not seem to matter to politicians running for office.

These protesters came with their various just grievances against the government, and were arrested for unlawful demonstration on the steps of the US Capitol Building. At the time of writing, more than 400 people had been arrested and taken to jail on the charge of unlawful demonstration. The police have reported that the jails are filling up to capacity, and soon the DC jails will not be able to handle the sheer amount of protesters that they have taken into custody.

The protesters have organized themselves into what is known as “Democracy Spring,” and they do NOT plan to stop coming to the Capitol until something is changed, or AT LEAST considered. They see the corruption in the government as being too rampant to go ignored any longer.

One of the oddest things about this entire event is the fact that this protest currently holds the record for the most arrests ever in the Capitol… But almost no mainstream American media sites are covering this protest. One of the main problems with this story is that to run this story, you are forced to acknowledge that a large number of people (3,600 people have stated that they are willing to be arrested protesting!) are very dissatisfied with the current state of American election politics. That fact really messes with the image that most mainstream media outlets have been promoting of an election FOR the people, BY the people. However, if you decide to take an honest look at what people really think, you will find far fewer people who actually like what is going on the US right now.

Like it or not, people need to know the truth: a larger portion of the population than people would probably feel comfortable with really do NOT like the current state of the elections, the big-money support for the elections, and the inability of the average person to hold a high political office. The people have spoken: they want a truly fair voice, and it does not look like they will be getting that anytime soon, judging by the police response.

But you know what? People WILL know. This cannot be put down forever. We need MORE people like this… People who will be arrested to have an equal voice. THIS is what made America great in the first place.

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