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Death in the Mediterranean and Europe’s Liability

It seems that the refugees fleeing from the terrors of the war in Syria, Iraq, and other parts of the Middle East crisis is haunting the European Union countries, to the extent that even some observers assert that Europe has lost the “Refugee War” which reflects the forming of its future.

American and British newspapers have addressed this crisis, as it is starting to destabilize the cause of the continent’s relations and threatens the collapse of the European Union as a whole, all in light of differences as to how to tackle the crisis.

While countries, such as Germany, are welcoming the arrival of Syrian refugees and those coming from the Middle East, other countries, like Hungary, have taken rather arbitrary measures against them, i.e. roads festooned with barbed wires and resisting crossing attempts to Europe by gas bombs and water cannons.

The Refugee War

The Washington Times published an article for the writer Jed Babbin in which he wondered “why Europe is losing the refugee war? EU nations struggle with the largest refugee influx since World War II.”

The writer added that hundreds of thousands of refugees are running away from the killing and destruction in the Middle East and other countries such as Afghanistan in search of a more peaceful home in Europe, and that this latter ought to deal with this crisis as a refugee war and not as an academic exercise and to announce the loss of this war.

That said, Babbin also appointed to an estimated four million refugees so far, fleeing the war in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan heading towards a more secure life in Europe, and that the continued influx threatens to change the face of Europe in terms of demographics.

He explained that the flow of refugees in such numbers to Europe is something that is below the level of invasion, yet above the level of peace; it is more like a war that the old continent cannot afford to face, and pointed out that if they continue at this pace, the rate of the refugees’ arrival to Europe is estimated to be two thousand refugees every month.

For its part, the British newspaper, The Independent, referred to the statements attributed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in which she said that the way Europe deals with the refugee crisis will reflect on the entire shape of the EU future.

The Washington Post has also published an article of the writer Jill Goldenziel, regarding the refugee crisis, and said that their pictures as they tried to cross into safe havens in Europe describe a state of grief and sadness.

An Unknown Fate

Goldenziel added that the Western countries can no longer keep abreast of the refugees’ influx to Europe, especially since more of them are coming. She also pointed to not only the unknown fate and the terrifying hardships facing them on their way to Europe, but the death of some of them drowned in the waters of the Mediterranean or suffocated in the smugglers’ closed trucks. She asked for a clear-cut distinction between the refugees fleeing from the war atrocities and those seeking asylum for different reasons.

The writer also said that the positions of the EU countries vary between welcoming countries and casting ones; and criticized some of these countries’ stand regarding the crisis.

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