Dear Women, 7 Seemingly Normal Things That Hurt You

People say that this world used to be a world of men, and even if we have already evolved into a world where gender equality and women empowerment are being advocated, modern females still continue to live up to ancient standards that have helped women elevate their status in society.

In order to meet societal expectations and to impress, women keep on improving themselves mentally, financially, and physically and sometimes these actions tend to compromise health not just biologically but even emotionally. Here are seven ways modern women unconsciously hurt themselves:

1. Diet

Half of the world is starving and the other half is trying to lose weight. Usually, not for health reasons, most girls’ idea of a diet is cutting on the number of meals they eat a day. This is so they could have the sexy bikini body. What they do not realize is diet actually means eating right: healthy food at the right amount. Doing so will supply vitamins and minerals that the body needs in order for it to function correctly. When they slash the number of meals they consume, they rid themselves of helpful nutrients thus they become at high risk of developing diseases in the long run. What women should realize is that eating right will help in the natural detoxification of the body and eventually will reflect on the outside which will result in healthier looking skin, redder lips, glowing hair, and stronger body.

2. High Heels

Originally a woman’s attempt to showcase equality with men, high heels were originally for the social elite and powerful males who dropped the fashion when women started wearing them. Yes, it looks sophisticated and beautiful but wearing high heels too often impacts a woman’s skeletal structure and causes discomfort. This is because the body will adjust to it by making the hips, the calf, and back muscles to slightly move forward for balance. Eventually, this will make the muscles in the calf bulge. And due to the pressure caused on the legs and feet, it can affect the spine resulting in Foraminal Stenosis or a condition wherein the anatomical abnormalities block spaces in the foramina causing back pains, spasms, and cramping among others.

3. Huge Handbags

Good fashion includes a nice bag. Aside from being expensive, carrying huge handbags can actually cause arthritis and back pain. When we walk, our hands naturally sway. When we carry a bag in one arm this causes abnormal gait. This means that the arm-swaying gets off balance. While one arm cannot sway properly, the other sways more, as a result, muscles become stiff. Asymmetric load also forces the spine to adjust to the weight and can cause the opposite side to go into spasms. Aside from that, a tension headache can also happen due to the muscles being forced to lift an unequal weight.

4. Tight underwear

Remember when women went for smaller than your size trend? It happened all for sex appeal. What women do not know is that wearing tight underwear increases the risk of yeast infection and other irritations. Ideally, whatever clothes we wear must be loose enough and must be made of breathable material. This is to allow the skin to breathe and sweat properly. When women wear tight underwear, the garment becomes too close to the genital area that it rubs against the skin causing for lacerations or irritations that can also lead to UTI and other skin problems as well as unpleasant odor.

5. Braless Trend

There have been debates over which is beneficial: with or without brassieres. Studies found that wearing them causes for the bosom to sag 7mm in a year thus, not wearing them can help develop stronger muscle tissues, although this is still much of a controversy. Another study also shows that wearing bras to sleep increases risk of developing breast cancer. However, the problem here is when women go braless, it is always going to be obvious. The strap stops the breasts from moving too much and hides the bosom’s natural shapes which can attract too much attention when seen underneath a shirt. So, even when biologically going braless might be healthier, engaging in this trend can put a woman’s regard for self-respect in question, and it honestly doesn’t feel good at all.

6. Makeup

Makeup enhances a woman’s natural beauty by emphasizing her best features, no doubt about it. But wearing too much makeup for a prolonged period can cause a headache, allergies, irritation, and early aging. This is because makeup contains chemicals that affect the body’s natural conditions. Makeup blocks the pores and dries out skin. Aluminum contained in lipsticks may also lead to anemia.

7. Plastic surgery

When basic beautification becomes exhausted, women usually divert to a more permanent solution: plastic surgery. When we talk about this, we just don’t mean the complicated procedures but even procedures as simple as eyebrows, lip tattoos, eyelash extensions, and of course the most radical change: the recontouring of the face.

It works for some people as it can correct misproportions in the facial structure but we know that changes especially those that are permanent may cause emotional and psychological drawback. This happens especially at an old age these changes no longer look good as these surgical enhancements do not compensate for natural biological changes. We see this with some celebrities whose plastic surgeries have gone bad. Aside from that, it is also very expensive and the recovery period is long and well, painful.

These practices only show that common expectations do not always produce good outcomes but sometimes in order to please society, women still tend to compromise health over social acceptance. Maybe it is time that people stop putting pressure on everyone especially regardless of gender, we share equal abilities, rights, privileges, and responsibilities in the societies we are part of.

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