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Dear Millennials: Let’s Start Making this World a Better Place

Welcome to the world of millennials where taking selfies is an addiction and slang is an obsession. The era where broadcasting your life is lit and posting everything you do is swag. This is the generation where existence is determined by the number of followers, and a person’s substance is defined by post engagements.

Yes, we live in the millennial world. We witness fascinating discoveries day after day with how we deal with ourselves and our day-to-day lives. While it has been an amazing journey so far, we are also rapidly becoming self-destructive, from celebrity worship syndrome to excessive narcissism, and it’s about time we stop doing a couple of things we Millennials are known for.

Stop Flooding Feeds With Millennials Selfies

Did you know that as of today, when you search #selfie on Instagram, you get the staggering result of over three million pictures? The selfie pandemic is very much alive and has evidently gone worse. But have you ever thought that maybe, nobody likes a self-indulgent narcissist? Seeing the same face in a dozen of close-ups is exasperating. What are we gaining with it anyway? Why do we keep finding ways to include our face in snapshots of everything that could do well without it?

Does the new filter give us the chance to be as beautiful as dictated by the society? Let’s stop self-gratification. Let’s stop taking selfies.

Stop Snapchatting Everything

As if the abundance of selfies is not enough, Millennials also flood social media with their hourly activity. We just can’t get enough of ourselves, to the point where we need the world to know where we are and what we are doing. We never get the chance to genuinely enjoy our meal or a walk in the park because we worry more about capturing the perfect view with our phones.
Beyond the superficiality, we could also be providing too much information than we should. Our houses, the place we are right at the moment, the people we are with and before we know it, we could be compromising our safety. Let’s stop snapping everything.

Stop Abbreviating The Dictionary

What happened to us? Why have we stopped typing complete words? Oh, right. Using abbreviations makes us cool, conversations more convenient and TBH, it is so much fun because you only need 3-5 letters to create a long thread of nonsense tête-à-tête.

Effort wise, isn’t learning new abbreviations more complicated than making use of the English we learned in primary school? Well, apparently not. TB to the days when sentences and proper grammar mattered; the proponents are mourning. And JSYK, the brain is a lazy animal — if it were to pick between a full and an abbreviated word, it would go for the latter. If we keep doing that we will end up in a pit where spelling out words is a struggle and formal writing is a challenge. Should we let it come to this? Dear Millennials, please let’s just stop abbreviating everything.

Stop Spending A Fortune On Coffee

Coffee shops are the perfect go-to place if you are looking for a place to relax, do your homework, or catch-up on something. It has also become the perfect location for us to chill out—meaning, taking photos, using the check-in function for everyone else to see, and trying out the latest overpriced coffee concoctions.

Why can’t we pass up on the chance to be the first to try out that rainbow frappe or take a selfie in front of that trending Instagrammable wall? Because we live in the now, that’s why. But hey, so that you know, the live-in-the-now mantra we practice is slowly draining our pockets. We could be saving up a fortune with the money we spend on a cappuccino when we could be sipping from a cup of tea at home. Let’s stop making coffee a fashion product.

Stop Obsessing Over Social Media

Gone are the days when breakfast was the most important part of the day; social media has taken over. Today, we fumble on our phones even before we open our eyes and we feed on social media stories we missed overnight. Yes, we have a fear of missing out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to keep up to date with what our peers are doing with their lives. After all, that’s the primary reason all of us are into social media, right?

We want to keep connected with those who have been and are a part of our lives. But then after browsing and browsing and browsing, we start feeling sorry for ourselves — for not having that perfect body, that expensive bag, that luxurious holiday; we start asking why we do not have half the things other people are enjoying.

The thing is, everyone these days finds something — no matter how insignificant — they can brag about on their profiles. Millennials have mastered the art of storytelling, of curating a story to show the perfect lives they live and not acknowledging the difficulties behind it. It has become a vicious cycle of browse-envy that we have forgotten that social media is a stage and we all are merely pawns in their game. Let’s stop obsessing over social media.

Dear Millennials, let’s stop browsing and start working towards our goals. Let’s get off our phones and start making this world a better place.

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Macey is a wife and a mom who is at the learning curve of juggling parenthood and her professional career. Along with the challenges of raising a daughter, she currently works as a Marketing Executive in the Philippines and holds a Master's Degree in Communication. She loves reading, watching films, and is a huge fan of author Haruki Murakami. Through writing, Macey aspires to create and disseminate relevant content that will help shape a well-informed society.

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