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Daesh Threatens to Destroy Nepal’s Koshi Barrage

According to various national newspapers, there have been rumours that Daesh has threatened to destroy Nepal’s Koshi Barrage.

Confirmation on whether the information is true or just a hoax being spread around has not yet been confirmed, but since the threat is linked to Daesh, security protocols and other measures have been already implemented around the barrage area.

According to a major national daily, The Annapurna Post, the threat wasn’t directly received by Nepal. Unconfirmed sources state that the Indian Secret Agency RAW received threats from Daesh. The information then came to Nepal and the threat is now treated as a national issue. The barrage’s security has been significantly increased. Currently, no trespassing is allowed and even the locals are not allowed to go to the barrage to collect wood or practice fishing. Since the threat directly mentions Daesh, there have been talks with the governmental bodies and security has been significantly increased in both Nepal as well as India. The security measures in Bihar’s Harraiya and Supaul districts have been significantly increased as stated by the Indian journalist Rajib Kumar. According to him, the Indian Border Security Force SSB has kept strong military forces in the nearby areas to the Koshi Barrage from the Indian side.

After the plea from the Indian side, the Nepalese Army, Armed Police Force, Nepalese Military as well as the National Investigation Department have kept armed forces in the Sunsari and Saprati sides of the barrage. The reason as to why Daesh is threatening to destroy the bridge hasn’t yet been disclosed by the Indian side.

Nepalese Civilians Reaction to the Threat

Since the Prime Minister of Nepal, Hon. KP Sharma Oli resigned two days ago and the threat has been released after that, civilians are taking this news as a plan of India to take more control over Nepal’s politics. There have been speculations of India trying to help C. Prachanda, the likely new Prime Minister of Nepal, on gaining trust over the country’s citizens by solving this issue when he is elected as the new PM of the country.

Despite being neighbours, Nepal and India are not in good terms with each other since the recent Economic Blockage. Nepal’s petroleum dependency on India has been resolved after agreements made with the Chinese side, and Nepalese civilians have been taking this news as a rumour spread by India to have certain control over Nepal.

However, confirmation has not been released yet from either governments.

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