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Cyber Sex and Child Abuse in the Philippines

The Philippines has been dealing with poverty since the day I opened my eyes, and most likely will still until the day I’ll close them. People here are starting to feel hopeless because there is an obvious line between the rich and the poor. But is poverty enough reason for people to be sexually abused? To exploit them and eventually neglect their self-worth to earn as quickly as possible?

Cyber Sex in the Philippines

Take note that the children are the victims. Parents who are desperate for money and who want the easiest way to get it will usually result to using their children. It’s the most practical way for most. Their innocence is what makes them more ‘valuable’ and ‘useful’ especially in cyber sex.

Unbelievably scary, some of these children are victims in their own home. Parents are involved in these malicious acts and have the audacity to let their children do it over and over again without remorse. Parents are using their own children to make ends meet and at the same time putting the life of their children in a painful nightmare. The extent of these parents’ shameful and unlawful act knows no boundaries. They sexually abuse their own children and ignore the value of their children’s lives. Whatever happened to the children being our future? Is this the future we want for our children?

The Business of Pedophilia

There are a number of paying customers around the world who would pay more for younger women — women who are still virgins. In a BBC Report, I was shocked to find a documentary of a child as young as two years old who performed sexual acts in front of a webcam. I was furious. I am a mother and it pains me to see these things happen in the country I live in. Of course, this is doable for most people since poverty is rampant here and for a subtle amount, you already get high speed internet.

Lennie King, one of the founders of an organization who tracks down these deviant pedophiles said: “We created accounts using African and European children but as soon as we tried a Filipino child, we were swamped with predators from all over the world. They wanted her to remove her bra, play with herself, sometimes have sex with her siblings, things like that, it went very far.”

Child Abuse in the Philippines

Poverty, disdain, disappointments, and frustrations are only a few items of the long list of reasons why they do such unlawful acts and use their own flesh and blood. They see themselves as failures so they result to doing what is wrong. Bill Gates once said, “if you are born poor its not your mistake, but if you die poor its your mistake.”

These children, most of the time, were forced to perform sexual acts. They were beaten up when they refuse to do it. The people who beat them up are close family members. This is very depressing. Most cases are children who are still very young.

The People Trying to Stop this Vicious Cycle

There are so many organizations that fight for the rights of these children. Aside from the one I mentioned above, there is the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), a government agency that takes care of underage children who have been victims of abuse both physical and sexual. These children are being nurtured and taken care of because of the incapability of parents. Sadly, they are growing by the number. Based on the statistics by the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA), more than 35% have been reported. Most of them were girls aged 10 and below.

There is also Gabriela who are constantly fighting for the rights of women. The Philippine National Police (PNP) are always on the lookout for these people who are involved in cyber sex and child abuse.

I admire the unconditional love, kindness, courage and support provided by these institutions in helping these sexually abused children. We should never give up nor lose hope. These children have been through a lot and these institutions gave them love and a chance for a better life.

These organizations can only do so much. It’s depressing to know that this issue, as controversial as it is, is still very rampant especially in areas like Los Angeles City in Luzon. Most of the houses there are from people who have experienced the most poverty. Their houses are used as places where young girls get in front of the camera. The rest is really history.

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