Catalonia Spain Independence

Catalonia and Spain: A Century of Rejection

The conflict between Spain and Catalonia dates back to 1922 when the Estat Catalá (first Catalan separatist party) sought official separation through insurrectionary routes. This first attempt failed but led to Francesc Maciá (independence leader) for several countries seeking support.
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Gibraltar: Spain Vs. Britain

Against the backdrop of the questions regarding Gibraltar and its appearance once more after Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (Brexit) of last year’s vote; The Telegraph reported that Spain seems to want the territory for itself, since the mountain geographically connects with it.
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Crying Wolf: Fascism in Spain After the Francoist Regime

Since the fall of Franco, the citizens of Spain have lived in fear of a new dictator, the population’s commitment to voting for more socialist parties stemmed from this fear due to conservative parties historically having supported Franco’s dictatorship.
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Refugees and Migrants

There is No Refuge: The Real Facts About Migrants and Refugees in Western Europe

The “Tres mil viviendas” in Seville, Spain is the most dangerous place in the city. This neighborhood, on the very edge of the city limits, is where gypsies, refugees, and most non-Western “poor” migrants live.
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