Venezuela Russia China Oil

Russia and China May Decide the Fate of Venezuela

While enabling the perpetuation of the tyranny of Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuelan United Socialist Party (PSUV) over the country, Russia and China seem to have become the last lifeline remaining for this red-wing authoritarian regime within a national context of humanitarian devastation and economic downturn. But just how much will Russia and China influence the fate of Venezuela?
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Russian Nationalist Nationalism

Nationalism: Rise of the Russian Nationalist

For those who identify with occidental cultures, listening about Russia on the news means listening to some weird stories. This country, besides a solid political background, has had a strong Russian Nationalist movement going on for almost a century. But what is Russian Nationalism?
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Latin America Russia China

Colder War: China and Russia Penetrate US Influence in Latin America

As Trump’s international policies have fenced the US apart from their American neighbors in the South, the Eastern giants of Russia and People’s Republics of China have made their own path to strengthen relations with fast-growing Latin America, performing delicate movements that have been seen as unthreatening by Washington.
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From Russia with Lies: 7 Misconceptions About Russians

The Western media loves to portray Russia as the country of eternal snow and Russians as brave people who are doing some crazy stuff. Everyone jokes about Russians riding bears and walking barefoot in the winter, but how true is all of that? I mean, let’s be honest, they are as human as anyone else.
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Kuriles Kuril islands

Kuril Islands: Canoodling Over The Kuriles

Ever heard of Kuriles or the Kuril Islands? Well you should have! This volcanic archipelago that stretches across the Sea of Okhotsk in between Russia’s Far East region and Japan’s Hokkaido has been the subject of a serious territorial dispute that has scratched heads and sharpened bayonets for decades.
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Russian Parliamentary Election 2016

With polls officially closed across the Russian Federation, the nation’s parliamentary election to appoint representatives to the State Duma has resulted in a decisive win for Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, ensuring an extension of his hegemony within Russian politics.
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Tensions in Crimea

It has been nearly two and a half years since the illustrious Putin gave the marching orders for the full-scale annexation of the Crimean peninsula, yet the contentiousness has failed to evaporate in the prolonged tense political atmosphere.
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