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Building the Master Race Part III: The Third Reich & the Aryan Progeny

As with everything else, a theoretic approach will only take one so far. This was also true of the Third Reich, who took tremendous care to research occult theories and establish a Hitler-centered cult among its citizens, but ultimately wanted to achieve their goal to purify the Aryan race as quickly as possible, by all means necessary.
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Third reich Hitler

Building the Master Race Part II: The Third Reich & the Fuhrer Cult

In the previous part of “Building the Master Race,” we’ve looked at Heinrich Himmler’s ambitions to proof a unified Aryan heritage and the existence of a Nordic Master Race. His idea was not only to complement the Third Reich’s ambitions to conquer Europe and repopulate it with a purely Aryan race but to also proof personal views and beliefs in the process.
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Merkel and Trump

Trump and Merkel – Let’s all forget that meeting actually happened, shall we?

First meetings can be a very tense and exciting moment, especially if there is something on the line like meeting your girlfriend’s parents or having a job interview. While those are arguably mundane situations that happen all over the world uncountable times per day, there are first meetings that can be of paramount importance, like the one we were to witness a couple of days ago when German Chancellor Angela Merkel flew over to Washington DC to meet with Donald J. Trump.
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Germany in 2017 – Shining Beacon or Fractured Nation?

Germany is a nation of many things, known for its food and culture, its cars and exports and its key role within the European Union. The country is not known , owever, to be currently able to deal well with rising tensions created by a variety of different sources from outside and within. Apparently, they’re not known for having a sense of humor either, which is not entirely true, they do chuckle occasionally when comparing their public healthcare system to that of the US.
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