Venezuela Russia China Oil

Russia and China May Decide the Fate of Venezuela

While enabling the perpetuation of the tyranny of Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuelan United Socialist Party (PSUV) over the country, Russia and China seem to have become the last lifeline remaining for this red-wing authoritarian regime within a national context of humanitarian devastation and economic downturn. But just how much will Russia and China influence the fate of Venezuela?
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Martin Schulz Political Responsibility Principles

The German Conundrum: Political Responsibility vs. Principles

Elections can be a tricky endeavor, especially in a working multi-party system, meaning there are seldom absolute majorities. This requires the building of a governing coalition of multiple parties that have to agree and compromise on a coalition agreement, while the rest build the opposition. This begs an important question. Do you honor the political responsibility, put on you by the nation voting for this constellation, even if it means compromising to form a government? Or do you honor only your own voter base, by staying true to yourself and your principles, even if that means the failure of the elections? After the horrible German Federal Election 2017, the Social Democrats (SPD) now has to ask themselves the exact same question.
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Nordic Model Taxes

The Nordic Model Explained: Happy Countries Pay more Taxes?

Year after year, the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network releases the World Happiness Report. It’s basically a measure of happiness based on interviews and surveys all over the world about economics, laws, religions, education, food, health, shelter and other topics that, together, compose what we understand under well-being. Surprisingly, there are a few nations that seem to excel here, mainly those under the Nordic Model and the Scandinavian Model.
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Alexander the Great Greece Macedonia FYROM

Alexander the Great: The Peculiar Case of Macedonia

“Alexander the Great was Macedonian!” – This is a sentence echoing in my head since my childhood. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve heard or read that exact phrase. Greeks grew up having to take on a very rich, complex, and “heavy” heritage. And the zenith of said heritage could arguably be Alexander the Great. You know who this guy is, right? You’ve seen the movies and all the triumphs that made a very small country, Greece, one of the greatest empires ever. Or was it Greek after all? The Former Yugoslavia Republic Of Macedonia, or FYROM, doesn’t think so. Read more

Rheinmetall Weapon Factories Export

Rheinmetall: Exporting Weapon Factories to Conflict Areas

Rheinmetall, one of Germany’s biggest arms manufacturers, has seen its profits and margins rise quite substantially in the past year. Why? Rheinmetall managed to circumvent German law to export arms into conflict areas legally. However, the practice of exporting arms is not the end, but just the beginning of the company’s devious scheme to aid the most shocking conflicts on earth for profit. Rheinmetall uses its majorly owned joint venture in South Africa to export complete weapon factories to conflict areas to do with as they please.
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Russian Nationalist Nationalism

Nationalism: Rise of the Russian Nationalist

For those who identify with occidental cultures, listening about Russia on the news means listening to some weird stories. This country, besides a solid political background, has had a strong Russian Nationalist movement going on for almost a century. But what is Russian Nationalism?
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Rheinmetall Arms Exports

Rheinmetall Secret Arms Exports: Cheating the Law for Profit

It has been one of the more uplifting news in the past weeks. Germany stopped its arms exports to parties involved in the Yemen conflict, which already caused many civilian losses, creating possibly the most worrying humanitarian crisis today. However, the bitter truth is that German arms dealers and arms exports are not affected by the decision, as they have already found ways to circumvent Germany’s ethical and moral guidelines in order to profit from war and death around the world.
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Meghan Markle Princess

Meghan Markle: Divorced, Mixed Race Actor and Princess?

It is no secret that the engagement of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry is one that will go down in the history of the royal family as something incredible. In the past, divorce has always been a controversial subject in the royal family. The monarchs have steered clear of getting divorced and of marrying divorcees. Racial diversity isn’t really a pillar of the royal family either, but that will soon change, and rightfully so.
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Sweden Refugee Crisis Refugees

Refugee Crisis in Sweden: Conflicted Views about Refugees

The Refugee Crisis and the prospect of refugees around the world have caused a wave of opinions and feelings. Some see this massive migration as an opportunity to be human and help others in need, others strongly believe it’s not their country’s problem and they should not be welcome because they bring trouble. Sweden if one of the countries with conflicting internal views about refugees.
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Latin America Russia China

Colder War: China and Russia Penetrate US Influence in Latin America

As Trump’s international policies have fenced the US apart from their American neighbors in the South, the Eastern giants of Russia and People’s Republics of China have made their own path to strengthen relations with fast-growing Latin America, performing delicate movements that have been seen as unthreatening by Washington.
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