Protests in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is no stranger to turmoil as Robert Mugabe’s tenure runs into its 36th year, with his iron-fisted rule has becoming synonymous with financial mismanagement, deprivation of civil liberties and brain drain, yet a fresh wave of demonstrations has tested the ruler more so than ever.
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Zimbabwe: Breadbasket Turned Basketcase

Zimbabwe is a nation of vast natural beauty, blessed with fertile soil and a comfortable climate that produces some of the most valued food in all of Africa, hence the term “Breadbasket of Africa”. Whilst the geographical landscape of the country has remained generally unhindered in bearing some of the most valuable harvests on the African continent, the man-made process of politicisation has reared it’s ugly head for the past 150 years, with the ownership of the best land in Zimbabwe being an issue that has been bubbling under the surface for decades.
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