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Cannabis in the United Kingdom

Cannabis is something that still gets a lot of stick in the United Kingdom. Although people tend to take a much more relaxed attitude towards cannabis nowadays, it is still a crime in the eyes of the law, and thus you could face prosecution by being in possession of it.

Cannabis Criminality

Despite the fact that so many places around the world, like the United States, are waking up to the benefits of cannabis. The United Kingdom remains adamant to keep cannabis illegal despite a veritable smorgasbord of benefits, not just in terms of health, but also sociologically and economically.

Smoking cannabis is essentially a victimless crime, in that it brings no harm to other people when a person is taking it. However, what you might be funding when you’re buying a bag from someone may well be.

Due to the nature of the illegal market, cannabis suppliers could indeed be using the profits generated in order to fund more serious crime, whether that be the acquisition of arms, or in some cases that have been reported, human trafficking. Legalization would then cut frivolous spending by the police so that it could be put to better use in tackling much harsher crimes that take place.

Cannabis Safety

Safety is one of the major concerns that people have towards the legalization of the substance, and one of the major arguments against this is the fear that it would be more accessible to children. However, one need only look at alcohol and tobacco being legalized to know that this is the case. The difference is the fact that alcohol and tobacco, despite being tremendously detrimental poisons to your health contrary to cannabis, is regulated by the government so that you are aware of exactly how much you are consuming whereas cannabis has no such regulation.

I remember reading several news articles some years ago which detailed how some dealers would sprinkle crushed glass on to the growing cannabis bud so that the weight would increase, thus allowing them to make more profit. The glass would also give the impression that the pot they were smoking would be much richer in THC which is visible in the ‘crystals’ which form. Now, I don’t need to explain the dangers of inhaling glass, but if regulated then this sort of behavior would be avoided. If the safety of children is your concern, then regulation is the way forward.

Medicinal Cannabis

On the topic of children, people have argued that despite the health benefits of cannabis, it would be improper to give children the drug due to its psychoactive properties. However, children do not need to take cannabis with a high percentage of THC. On the contrary, they could even have cannabis with no THC in the form of Charlotte’s Webb, a particular strain of the plant that has been grown in the States.

Named after one Charlotte Figi who suffered from a genetic disorder which would bring about violent seizures on a weekly basis which resulted in her being confined to a wheelchair and suffering from a series of heart attacked. Through the use of Charlotte’s Web, Charlotte’s seizures have stopped and she has been able to walk around and construct complete sentences. This form of cannabis is not smoked either, as the CBD in the plant is extracted under strict laboratory conditions and then mixed with olive oil so that it can be ingested orally.

Cannabis vs. Tobacco

As stated, products such as tobacco are legal in the United Kingdom despite the fact that there is evidence that supports that it can directly cause cancer and respiratory disorders, however, cannabis remains illegal. It has been discovered, however, that the active components of cannabis can restrict the growth of tumours during experiments under laboratory conditions and so can be argued to be a viable alternative to chemotherapy and radiotherapy which involves poisoning and radiating the body of the patients, thus making them vomit, experience fatigue and loss of appetite.

Cannabis, however, does not make you lose your appetite and can be therefore used to ensure that patients keep a healthy diet during their treatments. In cases such as AIDS, the patient will lose their appetite and this will effectively mean that they will waste away which can easily be avoided.

Legalize It

There are several health benefits to cannabis which are worth taking a look at before you jump to any major conclusions, however, there is still more research that can be conducted. At the end of the day, some people just really like to unwind after a hard day at work, and some people desperately need it for medicinal purposes so one should not discriminate based on deep seated views that existed when very little research had been conducted at all. However, since the results posted from USA since legalization in several states should hold weight in terms of defining how much money could be gained from this, as well as the effects on crime and dangerous driving should have an influence on the United Kingdom for the better.