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Building the Master Race Part III: The Third Reich & the Aryan Progeny

As with everything else, a theoretic approach will only take one so far. This was also true of the Third Reich, who took tremendous care to research occult theories and establish a Hitler-centered cult among its citizens, but ultimately wanted to achieve their goal to purify the Aryan race as quickly as possible, by all means necessary.

Mass Murder Was Not Enough

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. One way of ensuring to liquidate all “foreign” material from their “sacred race” was to mass remove Jewish citizens out of their society. It started slowly with discrimination, and the prohibition of interracial relationships but eventually led to castrations, deportations and mass murder on an unimaginable scale when the Nazis realized all other means were not nearly as quick and efficient to achieve their diabolical end game.

It is a well known and reported fact how the Third Reich tried to remove anything and anyone that could be harmful to their vision of a pure Aryan race (including homosexuals, Gypsy and Roma and people with disabilities) using quick and inhumane liquidation through KZs. What is lesser known is how the Third Reich tried to focus on the prospects of their progeny. Removing someone from a population, especially during times of war, will not make it grow, and as their ultimate goal was to repopulate the continent with people fitting their race profile, they had to come up with a plan.

Increasing the Number of Aryan Children

If the Nazis did one thing well, it was making sure that their insane race ideologies were put to the test and adhered to in every form possible. Nothing was beneath them; everything was a valid way to try and increase the population while keeping race ideologies strong. One of the ingredients to have an Aryan progeny was to ensure the best of the best, the SS, which consisted only of prime examples for Hitler’s race ideology, would reproduce as fast and often as possible.

Swastika Flags

In the same way, they didn’t flinch doing everything possible to speed up the process of removing what they deemed harmful for the race; they did the same to increase the population. Polyamory was encouraged among SS personnel as it was the only way to spread the “good genes” as fast and efficient as possible. The financial contributions individual SS members had to make were even cut if they were able to prove to have had at least four healthy children.

Single women who fit the Aryan profile were encouraged to get pregnant, carry out their child and give it away for adoption anonymously to raise the population as fast as possible.

In addition to promoting pregnancies and birth rates, the Third Reich kidnapped around 400,000 children around Europe, once they assessed them and deemed them of “Aryan Heritage”. 200,000 of them were abducted in Poland alone and were either brought to Germany or kept in children’s homes in the occupied region to get germanised and eventually adopted by SS personnel or people close to them, securing a proper German upbringing.

Third Reich Germanisation Through Lebensborn

Those children’s homes were usually managed by the Lebensborn e.V. which was an organization built on top of the SS. They took care of bringing up both kidnapped European children as well as kids gave away from single German mothers in the process of promoting higher birth rates.

Children, especially those that were born in different cultures and kidnapped by the Germans, were brought up in those homes in the hopes to grow up to be the definition of Hitler’s Aryan race dreams. What they ultimately created was an atrocious number of psychologically damaged young children that, sometimes until today, do not know who their parents were. The fact they were either taken from their parents from a young age, at times even after birth, created massive problems for them for years to come. Some of them weren’t able to properly speak, walk or remain in an upright posture for years following the war, inflicted with severe trauma. Probably not the way Hitler or his followers had planned them to turn out for sure.

The public did not know much about the institution Lebensborn, as it was mostly kept under wraps. It quickly got the image of an “SS brothel,” where the elite bred their super army of tomorrow. Children affected were often stigmatized long after the war and had a hard time not only coming to terms with what happened to them but also to get accepted by their environment in post war Germany.

This is by no means a complete account of events, far from it, but it aims to give some rarer insights into a regime, which ravaged a whole continent, killed countless people, and damaged a lot more in the process for their entire lives.

It is important to understand the ridiculous, tragic and appalling ideologies and practices used in Hitler’s Third Reich, to grasp the full terror that this small nation spread over years until it collapsed.

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