Buddhists in Sri Lanka Turning Violent

The attackers stormed in just about midnight, tearing all the way through the town with petrol bombs and clubs before carting away loads of money and expensive jewellery they stole from Muslim households in this small area of Sri Lanka.

The attack incited by the Bodu Bala Sena, also called Buddhist Power Force, a hard-line gang which has gathered several thousands of members in recent times, slaughtered a minimum of two Muslims and also wounded many more last month in the most awful religious assault Sri Lanka has experienced in a very long time.

At present, President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s administration is under fire, accused of unable to safeguard Sri Lanka’s minute Muslim minority and also permitting fanatical Buddhists spewing unlawful hate talk to function with impunity for several years.

Critics of Rajapaksa’s administration claimed it has completely ignored the assault with a view to defend its own central constituency – the Sinhalese Buddhist populace – that makes up an estimated 75 per cent of Sri Lanka’s 20 million people.

“At the The cause of of the inability of the authorities to put a stop to the brutality is electoral politics,” claimed Jehan Perera, head of the National Peace Council, a local peace activist group in Sri Lanka. “If the Sinhalese voters experience any form of insecurity at all they will likely vote for the incumbent government, which is perceived as powerful as well as pro-Sinhalese.”

However the unfolding hostility has brought uncommon – and damaging – disapproval from inside Sri Lanka, with the mass media, modest Buddhists not to mention the minister of justice slamming Rajapaksa’s apparent unwillingness to give protection to Muslims.

International embassies and the United Nations have also called for swift measures to be implemented. The US revoked a 5 year, American visa owned by the general secretary of the BBS, as reported by Dilanta Vithanage, the chief executive of the group.

Dealing with an increasing backlash, the administration in the past few days has attempted to quell the turmoil, even though critics claim the steps are way too small, and too late.

The defence ministry hosted an extraordinary press conference on the 2nd of July – roughly 3 weeks after the bloodshed – to deny having a dealing with the Bodu Bala Sena as well as to deal with insinuations that Sri Lanka’s highly effective defence secretary along with the brother to the president, Rajapaksa Gotabhaya, was covertly promoting the group’s agenda.

However the military spokesperson, Brig. Ruwan Wanigasooriya, was cautious to not condemn the gang, as well. “I am not disapproving of the BBS,” he claimed. “What I am saying is that it is not right to say that the defence secretary is in support of the BBS.”

That same day, the group’s general secretary Rev. Galagoda Atte Gnanasara, was interrogated by the police for up to 5 hours before discharging him without any charges.

That it was the very first time Gnanasara experienced questioning by the law enforcement officials for his detest speeches despite the fact that this has been massively noted and also publicized in video clips on the internet for several years. He was at one time interrogated for disrupting a media conference convened by an ordinary monk at risks with the BBS, but was never prosecuted.
A few hours before the newest assault, video clips revealed that he was inciting throngs of people in Buddhist rallies that passed on via Muslim locations including Aluthgama and Beruwala.
“Yes, we are religious extremists!” Gnanasara shouted. “Yes, we are racists!”

He also cautioned “marakkalayas” – a derogatory phrase for Muslims – not to ever attack any Sinhalese.

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