Body Beautiful? How Commercial Beauty Destroys You

Beauty is relative. It should be. However, due to our continuous exposure to the media that has been shaping our view of the world, we have come up with a generic standard for beauty ideals that is impossible to fit in. Or in better words, it’s only beneficial for a few.

It has become a dilemma: how to be pretty in front of people? But then as capitalists tapped on the need to look gorgeous, people have found a way to somehow meet this generic standard at the expense of losing themselves in the process. And when we say “lose themselves,” we mean creating outer beauty while destroying our inner bodies.

Topical Beauty

We know all too well that everything we have on our bodies is dictated by our DNA. This means that our bodies are perfectly healthy and normal in their original state. Nonetheless, some people seem unsatisfied by the proportional and efficient combination of this vessel, so much even that they alter it physically.

Plainly because people think that they are “too this” or “less that,” they shape themselves according to a socially acceptable construct of beauty through creams, chemical treatments, and sometimes, unhealthy dieting plans.

Though these temporary fixes can give people what they want for gratification, unknowingly, these also damage them within.

Physical Dilemma

What we do know but fail to understand is, that these chemicals interfere with our body’s natural functions.

When we resort to creams that could alter our natural skin color like fairness products, we are exposing ourselves to chemicals that stop our body from working properly. Moreover, some of the products we use could be poisonous upon accumulation. As such, we just intoxicate our cells that result in the growth of tissues which can lead to some dreaded diseases like cancer.

For instance, look at fluoride. We are so obsessed with whiter teeth that we use more efficient products which use fluoride and let it sit in out mouths for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, fluoride is industrial waste that causes cancer in the long run.

Also, when we depend too much on artificial products to maintain our physicality, our bodies just stop functioning and start to adapt to these chemicals, thus becoming conditional on them.

Another thing we should be wary about is our incorrect dieting habits. Most people starve themselves out to gain the perfect beach body. Some even stick to an “all protein,” a “no carbs” diet, or any other unhealthy plans to make slimming work as fast as possible.

Nevertheless, a good diet does not involve hunger. Any doctor would say that a good diet means eating the right food in the right proportions.

Take the “all protein” diet for example. When you rely too much on protein, your body would need calcium to process that. And because the diet is solely all protein, the body has no choice but to get calcium from the bones which will cause bone irregularities. This only means that we cannot deprive ourselves of certain nutrients because it will just definitely take a toll on our health. If we starve ourselves for faster results, our body would just start eating itself.

Self-Esteem Issues

Since this phenomenon affects us physically, we can track down the success of the commercialization of beauty to self-esteem issues.

If we are going to trace different advertisements for beauty products over the years, we can observe the different things. They have played on emotional appeal and implicitly told women that girls who fit the standards find better partners; even more so, achieve better treatment. Look at how the movies depict societal behavior involving physical appearance as a motivating factor. We all know which characters get the title roles. Also, based on physical appearance, we can create a standard portfolio.

As we have built and inculcated the belief that there is a particular measure of physical attractiveness among us, we have also developed generations of low esteemed individuals over the years, ready to take the bait of commercial beautification.

And where do they get validation from?

These individuals, aside from using too many of the aforementioned products, sometimes can’t even afford them, develop narcissism and gauge their importance on popularity via social media. Hence, if the results of their efforts become unfavorable, they resort to acts that mimic low self-control.

This only means that any attempt at persuasion, anchoring on emotional appeal and physical comparisons, can be a better opportunity for acceptance. However, as a scrutinizing public, we ought to learn how to discern the information we get properly.

Moreover, we should stop thinking that we can classify people because even if we could, we shouldn’t. We should learn to protect ourselves rather than run away from it. We need to straighten our standards of social relevance and to realize that beauty is one thing and body rejection is another.

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