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Bernie Sanders’ Revolution

Bernie Sanders is a rebel. Sanders rolled into Iowa to the tune of rock music, pushing people to become as devoted as he is to the causes that need attention. As of last week, Sanders pushed to a 10 point lead over the other Democratic Party hopeful, Hillary Clinton. Many people are dismissing Sanders as a mere flash in the pan or speed bump on the way to Clinton’s victory, but his campaign is worth far more than most opponents are giving him.

Traditional Politicians

To understand the differences in how the campaigns are working, you have to look at how both Sanders and Clinton tend to operate. Clinton tends to take a much more traditional stance on most of the issues that form her running basis. Sanders on the other hand often pushes for a more radical stance. And that is appealing to people more and more.

Shocking as it may be that Donald Trump is leading many of the polls on the Republican side of things, there is a reason for his current advantage. Trump tends to be very far outside of what a “traditional” candidate means to most people. His positions on issues are extremely radical and outside of the norm. However, the actual benefit of his policies is QUITE another story.

The moral of the story, however, is that being abnormal in some way is more often than not a huge benefit when running for president. Sanders has taken this to heart and has shown his support for excellent policies. Sanders has weighed in on the #BlackOnCampus controversy, addressing the fact that racism on campus is completely and totally unacceptable, and must be stopped.

Changing the American Political Dynasty

Racism is an issue that is all too often shied away from as an issue during high-profile political campaigns. Too many people are afraid of polarizing their voters. However, Sanders has shown a fearless devotion to the causes that are affecting people of color all over the nation, both in our cities and in our universities.

Sanders has called himself a “democratic socialist,” which back about 50 years would have called a “Red Scare” witch hunt on to you in no time. However in today’s society we may need a little more of what he calls socialism. Sanders has refused to cater to huge backers that pay massive checks towards his campaign. Instead Sanders campaign money has come almost completely from 750,000 backers who pay about $30 apiece. His platform truly is about the power of the people. His backers are almost all working-class people.

If you take a look at the crowds that gather to hear Bernie speak, the amount of diversity is truly impressive. Although many have accused Bernie Sanders of catering mostly to middle-class whites you can see that this is a groundless accusation. Sanders’ message appeals to everyone, no matter what their racial background or income level. This amazing way of running a campaign promises that as President of the United States Sanders would be very willing to listen to his people that got him there in the first place.

Bernie Sanders does not have the ego or the demand for respect that characterizes the other candidates in the race so far. He is a kind, personable, genuine person to everyone he meets, by all accounts. He genuinely loves those that he deals with, and wants to change the face of American politics. So far, too many Presidential candidates tend to run on a platform of “you can’t understand this, elect me and I will understand these complicated issues for you.” Sanders opposes this way of running by his actions: the sorts of issues that he puts his heart and soul into are issues that are very close and personal to the people of the United States.

Sanders acknowledges that government is rigged to mostly benefit the 1%, and says that his campaign seeks to change that altogether. He wants “millions of people to fight back,” as he told interviewers with the Rolling Stone. He called out many past and present candidates for being an oligarchy by spending massive amounts of money on winning from rich donors. Sanders is not interested in the 1% benefiting more. It is time for the rest of the people in the United States to have a chance, to have a fair say in what is going on.

Bernie Sanders’ call for “democratic socialism” has caused many people to question exactly what he would do with his presidency; here is what he said in his own words:

“Our goal should be a society in which all people have a decent standard of living, not a society in which a few people have incredible wealth while 47 million live in poverty. What it means to me in English is a national health care program that guarantees health care to all people. It means high-quality public education from preschool through graduate school – and one of the important points of the platform that we’re running on is to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. Anybody in this country, regardless of their income, should be able to go get a higher education.”

To anyone who doubts the meaning of democratic socialism, let me rephrase it in the TL;DR version: Everyone deserves a chance. And Sanders might be the upset that this country needs to get that opportunity.

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