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Bernie Sanders and the ‘Black Vote’

Of all the candidates that seem progressive and more likely to endorse black issues in American and do their best to make sure black voters get the best from election season, Bernie Sanders seems like the best option. However the polls seem as if this is not true.

Despite Sanders’ progressive views of America and much-needed attention to issues of minorities and oppressed people, many black voters just do not seem to care too much for his campaign, especially in the next target state of North Carolina. But why is this? Let’s explore the reasons behind this:

Hopes and Dreams

Here is what you must understand about black voters in the United States: they want RESULTS. Real, obtainable results. If your campaign does not promise to make a real, measurable difference in everyday life, you are not likely to get the black vote at all. I mean think about it: people of color in the United States had to fight for the vote in the first place, so why would you even consider wasting your vote on someone that seemed to be all talk. That is not to say that Sanders is a person who is all talk and no action. He seems to want a real difference too. However, between him and Clinton, Clinton seems to have a much stronger basis for concrete plans to help her voters. It does not work to simply come into town and expect everyone to vote for you UNLESS you have a great reason to be voted for.

The Diversity Issue

Clinton has also done an excellent job of making it seem like Bernie Sanders is not committed enough to black issues and real diversity. In a few campaign videos that Sanders has released, Clinton pointed out that there was not enough diversity in the video. A runner of several super PAC named David Brock said that “black lives simply don’t seem to matter to Bernie Sanders.” All because the video was not sufficiently diverse. Now, a person’s videos are not an indication of their care for any race at all. They are made up simple of the people that happened to be at a rally at a given time. However, this still looks bad for the Sanders campaign and will not help his election in the future at all.

In Conclusion

Sanders will have an uphill battle on his hands to prove that he does care for his black voters. Even if he cares for them with all his heart, he has to PROVE it to win people to his side. His allowing BLM supporters to crash his speech and promote black lives matter is an excellent example of this real care for black people in America. Whatever Sanders best intentions, he will have a hard time winning black voters until he can prove that he can truly offer them benefit.

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