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The Battle of Charlottesville, VA

A woman was killed on American soil by a car driven by supporters of the Nazi party, an entire protest group was rammed for simply wanting to change how the world was operating, and our dear and beloved president can’t even pretend to muster up the courage to speak from the heart about the incident in question without reading it from a script.

Well readers, unfortunately I am not writing from a script and I’m pissed off beyond belief so unfortunately you won’t get many clear answers here as to why the president, the LEADER of our country might I add; opted out of answering one simple yes or no question, “Are you in support of the white supremacist actions that have taken place in Charlottesville?”

One. Simple. Yes. Or. No. Question.

And he walked away and said nothing. Oh but that’s not all, there have been cops who in absolutely no way support these actions that are forced to protect these people who run over citizens, protest with lit-up tikis and the streets are rampant with riots and hatred. I only have one sentence for the men and women who were so adamant for their beloved historical statue that they had to injure seven people and kill one.

Get over it.

Get over your nonexistent problems with being replaced, get over you unyielding sense of privilege in the world, and get over your hatred of others who are different from you. Because all you’ve proven to the world is that Virginia was right in ripping the statue down, because you don’t want to grow from your historical mistakes, you want to revel in them; almost as if you’ve never left them behind. Well I’m proudly here to tell you that the world is leaving you behind for your actions, your racism, your blatant hatred of anyone different, and your ignorance of exactly how much your “commander in chief” simply does not care about you.

You are a stain on America that the good working, and loving people of the world will work hard to erase. You don’t care about the people like you claim, you care about your people. You aren’t about change, you’re simply about control, and you aren’t about loving your fellow man, you’re about beating him down until he has no choice but to agree with you.

Sounds like a very familiar group that America has dealt with (and defeated) before.

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