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The Ayatollah of Alabama: Who Is Roy Moore?

Roy Moore shocked the state of Alabama when he won the Senate Republic Primary. He was not expected to win based on the millions put on his competitor, Senator Luther Strange. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and even President Donald Trump gave their full support for Strange’s campaign, but it wasn’t enough to stop Moore.

Getting 55 percent of the vote over Strange, Roy Moore won the primary runoff, which marked the first time in the last five years that a sitting U.S. senator has taken such a loss. A former Alabama State Supreme Judge, Roy Moore is quite the character judging his antics that tend to hit the headlines.

He once fought a legal battle over a statue of the Ten Commandments. After being appointed chief justice, he planted a 5,280-pound granite monument of those very commandments inside the Alabama Supreme Court building.

Moore will face off with Democrat Doug Jones in December’s general election. For now, let’s take a look at Alabama’s Republican candidate. One that has proven to be a great threat to other Republicans, as well as Trump.

Why Some Should Run Away From Roy Moore

Roy Moore has had a long political history and has tackled race, homosexuality, and terrorism through a strong conservative, right-wing perspective. During the 2008 election, Moore was a major player that supported the conspiracy theory that Barrack Obama was not a U.S. citizen.

His stance on the matter was strong; he suggested Alabama’s secretary of state investigate every candidate’s qualifications from the 2012 general election ballot.

As for his take on race, Moore was an opponent of an amendment to the Alabama constitution in 2004. The proposed legislation would have reversed Civil Rights efforts by decades, referring to poll taxes and requiring separate schools for blacks and whites.

Moore has also garnered notoriety as for his anti-gay beliefs. Some of his quotes on the matter alone have been mocked by Stephen Colbert and Seth Myers. He mentioned (again while sitting in the Alabama Supreme Court) how a parent’s homosexuality is ultimately the deciding factor in which parent will get custody of their children, calling the behavior a “sexual misconduct punishable as a crime in Alabama.”

Similar to Trump’s questionable opinions of Muslims, Moore called for banning them from serving in Congress. Moore wrote how Keith Ellison of Minnesota, first elected Muslim in the House of Representatives, should be barred from the position.

In response to acts of terrorism, Moore saw the 9/11 attacks as a message from God on how the country has lost its way. He also added how the suffering of Americans was due to our legitimization of sodomy and abortion.

What’s Roy Moore Up To Now?

After his Alabama victory, Moore has already continued with a tirade of headlines. With Trump, McConnell and Alabama Senator Richard C. Shelby now giving full support to Moore, the nominee has shown no forgiveness to the GOP leaders.

His showdown in December will determine his fate in Alabama. With many of his consistent ideas still intact, there is plenty to fear from Roy Moore.

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