Trevohnn Garner

Trevohnn is a 22 year old college student who lives for writing, singing, and doing as many bizarre things as humanly possible. Uncharted and Marvel Vs. Capcom are the absolute loves of his life, and he hopes one day his writing will influence or change the world. If he could change the life of one person though with his writings, that would be enough for him.

The Battle of Charlottesville, VA

A woman was killed on American soil by a car driven by supporters of the Nazi party, an entire protest group was rammed for simply wanting to change how the world was operating, and our dear and beloved president can’t even pretend to muster up the courage to speak from the heart about the incident in question without reading it from a script.
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The Pyramid Scheme of Herbalife – The Life Ender

My name is Trevohnn, and in the span of three months, I almost completely exhausted my entire bank account for a small-time company known as Herbalife, which unfortunately left a lifelong struggle for me. Before I dive into the specifics as to what they did (spoiler: the good old Pyramid Scheme), I suppose it only makes sense to dive into exactly why I joined them in the first place. Read more

Thirteen reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why a Television Show Shouldn’t Matter

As you have probably guessed, Thirteen Reasons Why has become the next source of controversy in Netflix history, followed by the Amy Schumer critical comedy failure that has been one of the specific sources for the rating system change, and the Iron Fist debacle on the grounds of whitewashing the main character (even though Danny Raid has in fact been white ever since Iron Fist’s original incantation).
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